July 22, 2014

This Week: Flash #33 (Preview)

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Flash #33

The Flash #33 arrives in stores tomorrow, and there’s a preview at Nerdist.

The only thing hurtling our way faster than San Diego Comic-Con is The Flash in this brand new exclusive preview of DC Comics’ The Flash #33 by Robert Venditti, Norm Rapmund, and Brett Booth. Because one timeline wasn’t enough danger and derring-do for our hero, issue #33 finds Barry Allen in the past about to be murdered by the very killer he’s hunting down. Meanwhile, Future Flash is fighting Future Trickster for the fate of his fair city, but the question remains: is Flash fast enough to save both timelines and prevent his future from being erased? Only time will tell, but this exclusive preview is a fantastic place to start.

July 16, 2014

This Week: Digital Wally West Buzz

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Flash #247Over the past two weeks, DC has released the last four issues of the Wally West Flash series to their digital backlist, Flash #244-247, featuring the story “This Was Your Life, Wally West.” Written by Alan Burnett with art by committee, it pitted Wally against both the Queen Bee and his own mortality.

They’re not done yet, though. Up until last month, DC had been working their way through the Geoff Johns/Scott Kolins run, and once it was solid through #200, they jumped forward to the end of the book. Only a handful of issues from Flash #201-230 (most of which is Geoff Johns with Howard Porter and Livesay) are available digitally so far, and I’d expect that’s where they’ll fill in next.

There’s also an odd four-issue gap from #116-119, clipping off the end of “Race Against Time” and the “Final Night” tie-in from Mark Waid’s run on the book. Why they skipped those four issues, I have no idea.

So there’s another thirty or so issues of the main series to go before it’s complete.

Then there’s the ½ issue that’s a prologue to “Rogue War,” three Secret Files, and thirteen Annuals, some of which stand alone and some of which tie into ongoing stories. Not to mention Iron Heights and Flash: Our Worlds at War, both of which tied into the build-up to “Crossfire.”

And that’s not even getting into stand-alone one-shots like the two Flash 80-page giants, or Time Flies, or, well, Speed Force…

July 1, 2014

This Week: Earth 2, JL3000, and Digital Fast Money

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New issues of Earth 2 (Jay Garrick) and Justice League 3000 (a new future Flash) arrive this week.

Additionally, DC is adding three more backissues to the digital collection: Flash #241-243 (Wally West), concluding the six-part “Fast Money.” I’m really not sure what DC is doing with this release schedule, since they skipped right over the second half of Geoff Johns’ run on the book to pick up the Peyer/Williams story. That leaves just four issues to go at the end of the series…plus a giant gap with only scattered issues between 201-225. (And for some reason a four-issue gap in the early 100s as well.)

June 24, 2014

This Week: Flash #32 (Preview!) Plus Rogues w/Catwoman, More Digital Spin

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Flash 32 FinalFlash #32 arrives in stores this week. The future Flash continues working his way back into the past, this time paying a visit to Captain Cold, while in the present day, Barry Allen investigates the theft of super-villain weapons from police lock-up during the Crime Syndicate’s reign. Plus: What’s up with the speed force? Van Jensen, Robert Venditti, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund. Preview at Complex.

“Race of Thieves” continues in Catwoman #32, with Glider and Mirror Master guest-starring.

Justice League #31: The new Power Ring debuts. Geoff Johns, Danny Miki, Ivan Reis

And in digital back-issues, DC is adding two more issues to the backlist: Flash #239 and Flash #240, parts 2-3 of “Fast Money.” Could cashing in on his fame be the way to solve Wally West’s money problems? Probably not, if Spin turns public opinion against him. And what’s Grodd doing in all of this? Tom Peyer, Freddie Williams II.

June 18, 2014

This Week: MPH, Digital Spin

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This week sees the second issue of M.P.H., Mark Millar and Duncan Fegredo’s book about speedsters in Detroit.

In digital backissues, DC has started jumping around. Last week they released Flash #191, the Pied Piper spotlight. Issues #192-200, featuring “Run Riot” and “Blitz” by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins have been available for a while. But rather than pick up with Johns & Alberto Dose’s “Ignition” in #201, they’re jumping way ahead to Flash #238, the first part of “Fast Money” by Tom Peyer and Freddie Williams II featuring the perspective-altering villain Spin.

June 11, 2014

Digital Flashbacks Speeding Up: Piper Spotlight & Hawkman

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For the last year or so, DC Comics had been releasing one issue of The Flash (1987-2009 series starring Wally West) from their back catalog every two weeks. Lately, they’ve sped up, adding another issue each week to ComiXology and other digital platforms.

Since the conclusion of Crossfire just a few weeks ago, they’ve added the following:

Flash #189: A bit of a breather, as everyone catches up on where they are post-Crossfire.
Flash #190: Rogue Profile spotlight on the Pied Piper.
Flash #191: Hawkman guest-stars and Brother Grimm returns.