May 27, 2015

This Week: Digital Flash Elseworlds and Year One Annuals

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Season One of the Flash TV show is done, but the comics continue through the summer, and so does DC’s progress through their backlist as they add more digital editions.

This week, DC adds two Flash Annuals starring Wally West.

Flash Annual #7 (1994) is an Elseworlds tale. A battle with Captain Cold left Barry Allen dead and Wally West in a wheelchair. Now Wally wants to make a movie about Barry Allen’s life and sacrifice, but Captain Cold wants the world to remember a different take on what happened. Written by Mark Wheatley; Pencils by Ed Benes; Inks by Rene Micheletti and Eddie Wagner.

Flash Annual #8 (1995) is a “Year One” tale about when Wally West first took up the Flash identity. Green Lantern and Jay Garrick intervene when a battle with Dr. Alchemy goes badly. Mark Waid, David Brewer, Mark Stegbauer. In a backup story, “Kid Flash Day Two” features the young Wally West vs. Mr. Element. Tom Peyer, Humberto Ramos, Wayne Faucher, Ken Branch.

Flash Annual 7 Flash Annual 8

May 19, 2015

Preview is up for Convergence: The Flash #2

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Convergence Flash has the preview for Convergence: The Flash #2, out in stores tomorrow. Barry Allen of Earth-One (1980s, pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths) meets the Superman of the Tangent Universe, and in these preview pages, they discuss the contrived nature of the combat set before them. (I’m pleasantly surprised to see that acknowledged in the text.)

Written by Dan Abnett, art by Federico Dallocchio, cover by Jonboy Meyers.

May 18, 2015

Flash Comics This Week: Convergence, Season Zero, Bloodlines and Eclipso

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Convergence: The Flash #2Tomorrow night is the Flash TV show season finale! But there’s also plenty of Flash comics action as well.

A new digital Flash: Season Zero story, in which a figure from Dr. Caitlin Snow’s past returns to Earth with potentially deadly results. Correction: Written & drawn by Phil Hester, inks by Eric Gapstur, colors by Nick Filardi, letters by Deron Bennett.

Convergence: The Flash #2 (of 2) concludes the story of pre-Crisis Barry Allen vs. the Tangent Universe Superman. Dan Abnett, Federico Dallocchio, Jonboy Meyers.

On Wednesday, DC is also adding two more Flash Annuals from the 1987-2009 series to their digital backlist:

Flash Annual #5 (1992), part of the “Eclipso: The Darkness Within” event, has Golden Glider, Weather Wizard, Trickster and Captain Boomerang all trying to steal the same black diamond, only to become possessed by Eclipso as a result. Mark Waid, Craig Boldman, Travis Charest, Dan Davis.

Flash Annual #6 (1993), part of “Bloodlines,” introduces Argus, an undercover FBI agent who gains night-based powers when he’s caught in the middle of Keystone City’s mob war and a stealth alien invasion. Mark Waid, Phil Hester, Aaron McClellan.

May 13, 2015

Digital Flash Annuals from 1989 and 1991, including Armageddon 2001

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Flash Annual 3 1989

This week, DC adds digital backissues of two more Flash annuals from the 1987 series.

Flash Annual #3 (1989): Jade & Obsidian guest star as Wally West tries to determine just what happened to Jay Garrick when he and the rest of the JSA disappeared. Meanwhile, his mother sets up his new JLI transport tube and starts exploring its uses. In a comedic backup story, Wally and Chunk visit the JLI and get caught between Guy Gardner and a reporter. Also, updated Who’s Who pages for the Flash and related characters.

Flash Annual 4 1991Flash Annual #4 (1991): Ten years in the future, the Flash is retired, and Wally West and his family have put together new lives in the witness protection program. But his son has inherited his super-speed without the aura that protects him from its side effects. An accident puts him in the hospital…and exposes the Flash’s identity to a ruthless villain who’s waited years to take care of unfinished business. To save his son’s life, he’ll have to don the scarlet suit and face his old enemies one last time.

The Flash skipped 1990’s Annual season, instead releasing the Flash 50th Anniversary Special. No sign of that one on ComiXology yet.

May 6, 2015

This Week in Flash Comics: Convergence Speed Force, Digital Flash Annuals of the 1980s, Season Zero

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A new chapter in Flash Season Zero featuring King Shark and the Suicide Squad came out on Monday.

Tuesday of course saw “Grodd Lives” on the TV show.

Today, the conclusion of the two-part Convergence: Speed Force is out. Pre-Rebirth Wally West and the twins — plus the Zoo Crew’s Fastback — face off against Flashpoint’s Wonder Woman. Gamma Squad has a preview of the issue.

DC has finally gotten back to adding Flash comics to the digital backlist. This week they’ve added the 1987 and 1988 Flash Annual #1 and Annual #2 from Wally West’s series. The first places Wally in a Kung Fu style adventure where he must learn to control the “death touch.” The second has him dealing with his father, recently outed as a Manhunter agent, as he takes on a shady job as a private detective. (Plus: Wally wears a Devo T-shirt, if that’s the sort of thing you find interesting.)

Convergence: Speed Force #2

April 20, 2015

This Week: 1980s Barry Allen in Convergence: The Flash #1 (Preview)

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Convergence Flash 1It’s pre-Crisis week for DC’s Convergence event, and that includes a second Flash miniseries, this one focusing on early 1980s Barry Allen. Crave Online has a preview of the issue, revealing just how Barry ended up back in the 20th Century to be trapped under the dome, and what he’s been doing there.

Trapped in Gotham City, Barry Allen has nowhere to run. He fights on, seeking justice as well as a way to save the city, but he faces a Tangent Universe foe who thinks faster than even The Flash can run!

Written by Dan Abnett, art by Federico Dallocchio, colors by Veronica Gandini. Cover by Mike Allred. Variant cover by Chip Kidd.

Update: DC has posted the Convergence Confidential recap pages.

Also: The latest digital chapter of Flash: Season Zero (set in the TV continuity) came out today, continuing the King Shark/Suicide Squad story.