September 2, 2015

This Week’s Flash Comics: Season Zero Concludes, History Lessons TPB, Kick in the Head

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The Flash Season Zero #12 is out this week, and Caitlin and Cicso have to deal with a trap related to one of Caitlin’s old mentors.

Flash vol.6 History Lessons is out in softcover, collecting the last few stories written by Brian Buccellato at the end of the Manapul/Buccellato run. Flash and Deadman team up to find the Keystone Killer, and we see the first New 52 meeting of the Flash and Green Lantern.

New in DC’s digital backissues:

Flash #198 “While trying to help some teenaged orphans, Flash receives a blow to the head and believes he’s eight years old again and not The Flash. “Call It…Magic”!”

Flash #199 “A serum makes Flash appear dead. “The Explosive Heart of America.””

ComiXology has a DC on TV Sale featuring the series that inspired the current crop of DC/Vertigo titles. Books like Gotham Central, iZombie, and of course Green Arrow and The Flash.

The Flash books on discount include all of Flash: Rebirth, Blitz and Rogue War, plus a number of Rogues’ first appearances from the Silver Age and several Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash stories.,

August 27, 2015

This Week’s FLASH-backs to 1970: Identity Exposed!

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1970’s The Flash #196-197 are now available on DC’s digital backlist.

Flash #196 collects reprints of older stories including “The Mightiest Punch of All Time” (with the Reverse-Flash), “The Speed of Doom,” “The Origin of the Flash’s Masked Identity” and “Mirror Master’s Invincible Bodyguards.”

Flash #197: “Barry Allen takes acting lessons and uses his speed to play several roles almost simultaneously.”

Flash #197

August 20, 2015

This Week: Flash #194-195

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The Flash was weird in 1970. Added to DC’s digital backlist this week (descriptions from ComiXology &

Flash #194: The Bride Cast Two Shadows – “Looking into the eyes of a strange woman gives Flash visions; he assumes another identity, battles demonic creatures, and gets married.” And there’s still room after all that for a backup story, The Man Who Televised Time!

Flash #195: Fugitive From Blind Justice – “Flash is ambushed by a group of crooks from his past but is saved by a mystery dog. Flash saves Lightning from being put to sleep after Lighting is accused of killing his master.” I Open My Mouth…But I Can’t Scream! – “Flash must overcome his fear of roller coasters.”


August 12, 2015

This Week’s Digital Flashbacks: Captain Cold Censored and the Day the Flash Failed

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DC Comics has added two more Silver Age Flash issues to its digital backlist:

Flash #192: The Day the Flash Failed.

Flash #193: Actually, I can’t tell you about this one, and neither can Captain Cold.

Flash #193. Captain Cold explains 'They wouldn't let me show you what I did to the Flash!'

August 5, 2015

This Week: Kubert Covers the Flash (Digital Backlist)

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New to DC’s digital backlist this week:

Flash #190: “Flash saves a trailer park from being wiped out by a tornado, but breaks his leg in the process.” Backup story: “Ten Years to Live—One Second to Die!”

Flash #191: “Hal visits and has dinner with Barry and Iris; Hal hits it off with Olivia, from a rival toy company; Flash and Green Lantern battle aliens called the Mogrians.”

Both 1969 comics feature covers by the legendary Joe Kubert, with stories written by John Broome and drawn by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. Kubert only drew a handful of Flash covers, but the ones he did are striking.

Flash #190 cover by Joe Kubert Flash #191 cover by Joe Kubert

July 29, 2015

This Week: Zoom’s Squad in the Flash Annual, Season Zero Finale, Flash Goes Green

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New Flash comics out this week:

Flash Annual 4 features Professor Zoom/Eobard Thawne and introduces the team he’ll be setting against the Flash in the current storyline.

Flash Season Zero Chapter 24 concludes the misleadingly-named digital-first series set during season one of the TV show. It’s part two of a story featuring Caitlin Snow and a danger left behind by one of her old mentors. The print edition featuring both parts as Flash Season Zero #12 will be out in September. DC has not announced any plans for a follow-up, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one launch with season two.

New to the digital backlist:

Flash #188 (1969): Everything turns green, as the Flash is unable to see any other colors. Surprisingly, the “most colorful villain of all” isn’t the Rainbow Raider, who wouldn’t appear for another ten years.

Flash #189 (1969): I’ll go with ComiXology’s description here, which is “Flash and Kid Flash battle futuristic lizard creatures while Iris ages rapidly. Letter to the editor from comics writer Mark Evanier.” (It’s always interesting to look at old comics and find the names of fans like Geoffrey Johns, or George R. Martin, and I find it amusing that ComiXology is pointing this one out in the synopsis.)

Flash 188 Flash 189