April 6, 2015

Flash Photography: Speedster Cosplay at WonderCon 2015

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I spent the weekend at WonderCon, and while I didn’t make it to the Flash TV cast signing (they capped the line 20 minutes before I made it to the convention center), I did make it to the cast and crew Q&A session on Sunday, which I’ll be posting about soon. I also spotted quite a few Flashes, Kid Flashes and Quicksilvers among the cosplayers. (and a Thundra, who I kept trying to figure out whenever she walked by until I finally just walked up and asked her what her costume was).

The full photo gallery is up on Flickr, but here’s a highlight of some of the speedsters who slowed down long enough to be caught on camera: Read the rest of this entry »

October 4, 2014

Flash Photography: Long Beach Comic Con 2014

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Double-Flash Photography Captain Cold (New 52)

I didn’t see a whole lot of Flash costumes at Long Beach Comic-Con last weekend — which was kind of surprising, seeing as how the TV show starts Tuesday! — but I did spot the Golden Age Flash couple who made a splash at SDCC, and a New 52-style Captain Cold. (Also: two or three Elsas and at least one Jack Frost. I hope they all ran into each other at some point.)

I also got to visit the S.T.A.R. Labs Mobile Research Unit promoting the TV show, which was fun, both for the exhibits and for the Allen case bulletin board. Check out Monday’s article for photos and a writeup of the exhibit.

Finally, Norm Rapmund was selling these prints by Brett Booth and himself, featuring the major players in the current story arc. He was selling a limited edition (as in 25 copies!) of the uncolored image, and I was tempted. It looked really striking in black and white as well, but it was also twice as much, and I liked the way the present/future Barrys split the image into red and blue.

Head over to K-Squared Ramblings for my full con writeup and photos!

Norm Rapmund will be right back

September 9, 2014

Flash Cosplay at Dragon*Con 2014

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Flash group from the Superhero Costuming Forum’s DC Photo Shoot, photo by Patrick Sun. I love the variety of costumes in here, including the New 52 Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, and the Ame-Comi Jesse Quick.

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July 28, 2014

Flash Photography: SDCC 2014

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jay_garrick uglydoll_flash red_trio backlit_flash

I’m back from two days (Thursday & Friday) at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Lia has been keeping you all up to date with the news and announcements, and I’ve been putting together my photo album from the event, including a lot of pics that didn’t make it to Instagram. Check out the photo gallery on Flickr, [update] or my writeup at K2R!

October 21, 2013

Awesome Flash Cosplay Photoshoot from NYCC

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Wally West vs Jane Garrick (NYCC 2013)

Check out this awesome photoshoot of two Flash cosplayers at New York Comic Con! Jane Garrick is Ino-Elric, Wally West is Dymatex Zofur, and the photos were taken by Knightmare 6. There are 18 photos in the full set, some serious, some silly.

Wally West Wally West vs Jane Garrick Jane Garrick and Wally West

Both cosplayers made an impression as I was looking through Instagram and Flickr photos tagged for NYCC, and the fact that they actually met up for a shoot together is fantastic.

Photos used by permission.

October 19, 2013

Speed Force Photo Group on Flickr

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Speed Force Flickr Group Thumbs

I keep meaning to plug this on the blog: We’ve got a Speed Force photo pool on Flickr. Unlike Instagram, where we’re posting our own con photos, on Flickr we’re providing a space to highlight everyone’s *ahem* Flash photography. Photographers can contribute their pictures of Flash, Rogues and other speedster cosplayers, collectibles, and sightings.

It’s fun to see the variations people come up with, from costume designs and poses to photo composition. (I like to think I’m a passable photographer, but looking at some of these shots reminds me that my convention photos tend to be a lot more snapshot than art.) Update: Check out this awesome photo shoot from NYCC featuring the female Jay Garrick in this gallery and a Wally West cosplayer.

Check it out, and if you’re on Flickr yourself, feel free to join the group!