Cary Bates Returns to Comics with True Believers

The Pulse reports that former Flash writer Cary Bates has a new book coming at Marvel this summer after a long absence from comics. Here’s how he describes the book, True Believers:

It’s a new take on the group book. Although the True Believers have powers they’re not super-heroes per se, but a group of counter-culture subversives, each with his and her own reasons for lashing out at the disinformation routinely put forth by the establishment. They’re willing to take on any government, organization, group or individual that traffics in secrets or lies, cover-ups or conspiracies.

Cary Bates wrote more than 130 issues of The Flash from 1971 through to the end of the series in 1985 — essentially the entire Bronze Age — and edited it during the final two years. During his 15-year run, he changed the book from primarily stand-alone adventures to more ongoing storylines, including such high-profile stories as the death of the Flash’s wife, Iris Allen, and the multi-year Trial of the Flash.

The interview also discusses how Bates got his start in the industry:

THE PULSE: A lot of our readers might not know that you got your start in comic books by sending in cover ideas to DC Comics when you were 13 and had quite a few of them bought. When you were first sending in ideas, did you ever dream any would be bought or were you just writing to your favorite publisher?

BATES: Actually, when I first started submitting cover ideas I would always draw, ink and color them. My original aspirations were to become a comic book artist. In retrospect, having worked with so many truly talents artists over these years, I’ve come to realize my limitations. Though I’ve always been pretty good when it comes to visualizing things, my actual drawing ability was never anything to write home about.

Full interview: The Pulse: Cary Bates is a True Believer at Marvel

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