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Media Blitz! Venditti and Jensen talk with Newsarama and Comicosity about Wally West, Future Flash and more!

Flash #30

So writers, Robert Venditti and Van Jensen have both obviously been very busy since the release of their controversial first issue of The Flash yesterday. Both Newsarama and Comicosity have interviews with the new Flash writing team as they discuss the New 52 introduction of Wally West, the mysterious blue and silver speedster dubbed Future Flash and even Iris and Patty Spivot. We have some tidbits after the jump that stood out to us.

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Media Blitz!: Flash Team Talks Shop with Word Balloon, Comic Vine, The MiXXTapes

On the road to today’s release of Flash #7, the creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato has been making the interview rounds.  Here’s a roundup of the past few days, covering their appearances in multiple outlets.

First up, Manapul stopped by iFanboy’s Word Balloon podcast to talk about his work on the title, include the nature of his collaboration with Buccellato.  From the description:

Artist/writer Francis Manapul is back to tell us what’s been happening in the pages of The Flash for DC Comics. We talk about his unique art choices to display the hero’s super speed, and the Flash’s point of view when faced with the choices of how to stop a crime or disaster from happening.

More after the jump!

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Media Blitz!: New Interviews Focus on the Science Behind The Flash

The Flash creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato made the rounds again this week, popping up over at MTV Geek! and at Yahoo! Associated Content to talk about the science behind the new Flash series and its roots in the real world.  The MTV article also included an exclusive look at Flash #5, which is located just below:

The duo talked about concepts like Augmented Cognition, which showed up in issue #2, as well as some of the science behind Mob Rule.  For excerpts, see you after the jump…

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Cary Bates Flash-es Back at Newsarama

Newsarama interviews Cary Bates about his work on The Flash and Justice League of America back in the 1970s, and his upcoming DC Retroactive specials revisiting those books.

With the books closer to release (DC Retroactive: The Flash: The 70s comes out next week), he’s able to say a little more than he did in our interview back in May, plus of course we weren’t asking him about the JLA! There’s some strange spoilery information about “Son of Grodd,” but what really caught my eye was what Bates said about the timeframe of the DC Retrocative books:

The deadlines for the retro books were very tight, so once I signed on I had to come up with the plots for both books within 24 hours.

24 hours! Wow! I’d gotten the impression that the Retroactive specials were a last-minute addition to the schedule, and this seems to confirm it. My suspicion: After DC decided to push full-steam-ahead on the reboot/relaunch/whatever it actually is, they decided to give the previous versions of the major characters a “last hurrah” before moving on.

When you’re done reading the Newsarama interview, jump back and check out our two-part interview in which Cary Bates talks more about his 1970s Flash run, the Death of Iris Allen, and where The Flash would have gone if it hadn’t been canceled during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Talking Flash with Geoff Johns

Just a quick note since I’m kind of swamped today. DC has posted the first half of a two-part interview with Geoff Johns where he talks about his history with the Flash back to watching Challenge of the Super Friends and what he likes about the character. On the new series, he says:

All you need to know when you read the Flash #1 is how to read. Flash 101, and a few twists and turns, are within the pages. Francis did a stunning job, raising his art even from the amazing Adventure Comics.

On a key characteristic of Barry Allen:

Barry Allen is someone who has made a decision to help others during his own life and he made that decision even before he became the Flash.

The Rogues of course will be a big part of the new series, but they won’t be the only villains:

Barry will be meeting some new villains, one in particular that is going to be the strangest killer he’s ever faced. And I think with 64th Century magicians and talking gorillas that’s saying a lot.

Head over to The Source to read the whole interview. Or the whole first half, anyway. Part two goes up tomorrow.