Flash Confirmed for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Reader Ungenesis pointed me to a set of images which confirm the presence of The Flash in the upcoming video game, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

Flash vs. Superman.Flash vs. Sonya.

The costume isn’t quite one of the standard variations.  It’s got the V-shaped belt like Wally West’s, but the cutout on the boots is reminiscent of Bart Allen’s costume as Kid Flash, and the yellow armbands are entirely new. Edit: And as Ungenesis points out below, the gloves are yellow as well, another variation that doesn’t appear in any of the standard flash costumes — though it can be found in several alternate reality designs, including the original Earth-3 Johnny Quick, Ms. Flash, Earth-D’s Tanaka Rei and others.

Judging by the forums at Worlds Collide, the official site for the game, the images were probably scanned from the UK’s XboX 360 Magazine.

Update June 25: More screenshots have been released (available from CBR and elsewhere), including this one, which shows a much clearer view of the Flash’s costume:


4 thoughts on “Flash Confirmed for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

  1. Ungenesis

    Well, I noticed a little too late that the gloves are solid yellow too. Oops. I read somewhere that Ethan Van Sciver is designing a new costume for Wally. I’d be a bit dissapointed if this was all he could come up with :p Hopefully it’s just a case of Midway tweaking the suit.

  2. wayens

    Nice, I know Batman and Superman were confirmed but to see the Flash in action there. Impressive. Now I don’t know whether Flash would need it with the Speed Force on his side but rumor is that the heroes will be magically boosted on certain aspects to put all of them on par with the MK universe…

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