Peyer Moves to “Galveston”

Tom Peyer isn’t slowing down after he wraps up his run on The Flash next month. In addition to writing Tek Jansen and back-up stories for Marvel Apes, he’s also co-writing Galveston, an upcoming miniseries from BOOM! Studios.

“’Galveston’ is a light-hearted, violent, Butch & Sundancey look at the friendship between Texas legend Jim Bowie and pirate Jean LeFitte, which really happened,” Peyer told CBR News. “They really were business associates for a while. What Mark and I have done is researched their personalities and built a tall tale around them. It’s centered in Galveston Island, Texas, where LaFitte actually lived in a mansion with cannons on the roof. A stolen mansion, at that.”

Hmm, cannons on the roof, from BOOM! Studios. Sounds appropriate…

Full article at CBR.


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