Linkage: Velocity and MK vs. DC

Various news bits today:

Newsarama interviews Joe Casey on his upcoming Velocity series starring the speedster from Cyberforce

Justice League: The New Frontier has been nominated for an Emmy award (via Blog@Newsarama)

Mike Schramm of Joystiq got to play a demo of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe at E3 last weekend. (via Blog@Newsarama)

For their part, [senior designer Brian] Lebaron did say that Midway is trying to push the line as much as possible, both with DC and with the ESRB (the game is set to be rated T): he showed us a Scorpion fatality against the Flash where Bart Allen (at least we saw him as Bart Allen — when we asked Lebaron which Flash he was, Midway said they weren’t choosing a certain one) fell to the ground, his costume and skin charred and burned.


2 thoughts on “Linkage: Velocity and MK vs. DC

  1. JohnnyWellens

    The Flash costume still bothers me. I can’t understand why his costume or character usually get the raw end of the stick when it comes to outside comic adaptations.


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