This Week (Aug 27): Rogues Revenge #2

DC ships the middle issue of the three-part Rogues’ Revenge by the fan-favorite Flash team of Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins. Also related: Teen Titans Year One, Justice Society of America, and two hardcovers collecting JLA and The Brave and the Bold.

Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #2 (of 3)

Written by Geoff Johns; Art and covers by Scott Kolins

Life was easier when the Rogues had Barry Allen for a foe – or at least it was a bit more fun. Now, hunted by Libra and the Secret Society for refusing to worship the impending evil that is prophesized to claim Earth, Captain Cold and his crew find themselves attacked on several fronts . . . and that doesn’t sit well with the Rogues. Plus, a bizarre twist for Inertia!

Newsarama has a 5-page preview.

Team books and collections after the cut:

Other Series and Specials

Justice Society of America #18

Written by Geoff Johns and Alex Ross; Art and variant cover by Dale Eaglesham and Ruy Jose; Cover by Alex Ross

Magog is introduced into the DC Universe in “Gog” part 3! The last god of the Third World has walked the Earth delivering good will to men wherever he goes. But out of a violent confrontation comes the birth of the one being the Kingdom Come Superman must stop: Magog! Meanwhile, Starman struggles with his new role on the team and Damage celebrates his. Plus, Power Girl’s strange ordeal on Earth-2 leads her to seek out help from an unlikely source.

Teen Titans: Year One #6 (of 6)

Written by Amy Wolfram; Art and cover by Karl Kerschl and Serge LaPointe

The origin of the Teen Titans concludes with the return of Antithesis! How will the Titans defeat this monster as it exploits all their weaknesses and fears?

DC Universe: Last Will and Testament

Written by Brad Meltzer; Art and covers by Adam Kubert and John Dell

New York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer (IDENTITY CRISIS, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA) makes his return to the DC Universe — and superstar artist Adam Kubert (ACTION COMICS) is riding shotgun!

The final battle is quickly approaching. How do the heroes of the DCU prepare for the end? Whom do they approach and say goodbye to before they make the ultimate sacrifice? Featuring the entire DC Universe, Meltzer takes us deep into the hearts and psyches of our heroes. It’s the day before you die. What would you do?

Notes: Neither Wally nor Barry is likely to appear in this, since (if I understand correctly) it takes place between Final Crisis #3 and Final Crisis #4, but it’s possible that Jay Garrick might appear. Update: as it turns out, Jay is nowhere to be seen, but Wally and Linda have a one-panel cameo. Meanwhile, Captain Cold gets a 1-page spotlight.


The Brave and the Bold Volume 2: The Book of Destiny

Written by Mark Waid; Art and cover by George Pérez and Bob Wiacek

Collecting issues #7-12 of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD! The Book of Destiny’s been opened, and it will take the combined might of Superman, The Flash, the Metal Men, the Blackhawks, the Atom, Hawkman, Aquaman, the Teen Titans, the Newsboy Legion and more to prevent certain doom!

Hardcover, $24.99.

Notes: This includes the Flash/Doom Patrol team-up which many readers said was a better Flash story than the current run on the series…even though Mark Waid was writing both.

JLA: Volume 1 (Deluxe Edition)

Written by Grant Morrison; Art by Howard Porter, Oscar Jimenez, Don Hillsman, John Dell, Chip Wallace and others; Cover by Porter and Dell
Relive the legendary 1990s JLA series, written by comics mastermind Grant Morrison (FINAL CRISIS) with stunning art by Howard Porter and others, in this amazing oversized hardcover collecting JLA #1-9 and SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS #1! The action begins as the JLA reunites to stop the Hyperclan, who have come to Earth posing as a new group of super heroes. But as their true nature comes to light, only the World’s Greatest Super Heroes can stop them! Standing side by side, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter take on alien posers and come to realize that Earth needs a protectorate made up of only the mightiest icons!

Hardcover, $29.99.

Notes: This was the series that re-established the Justice League as DC’s top-tier super-team. Highly recommended.