Linkage: EVS: A Revolution for Flash Comics

CBR has interviewed Ethan van Sciver on Flash: Rebirth.

“I mean what I say,” continued Van Sciver, as he sketched The Flash for a fan. “This is going to be a revolution for Flash comics ” an absolute revolution. We will make this comic brand new.”

He also implies that Geoff Johns may be sticking with the book after Rebirth, something that fans have speculated about, but that DC has not confirmed:

“And now, more than ever, it’s time to bring back Barry Allen because he is a CSI scientist that is incredibly relevant. Geoff is going to have a blast telling stories with him. PG-13 scary crime stories with a Flash. It’s a lot of fun.


2 thoughts on “Linkage: EVS: A Revolution for Flash Comics

  1. The Human Tornado

    Ok, I will say this now. If this is anything like the Barry that Geoff gave us in Iron Heights I’m in. I remember reading that(Iron Heights) years ago and thinking: “Wow I wonder what it would have been like if Geoff had a serious chance to write Barry”. I never wanted Barry to come back or anything but in the same way I wanted Mark Waid to write some more Barry after JLA: Year One I wanted Geoff to have a crack at some Barry. These are honestly the only two modern age writers that I could imagine doing a good job with him and I will be sad when Geoff finally leaves and they throw another garbage writer on the title. But then again I’m already sad with what they are doing with Wally. I’m so conflicted.

  2. Kelson Post author

    I actually think JMS could write Barry also. Assuming he hasn’t gone back to Marvel or something by the time Geoff finishes his next run, I think he’d be a good choice.


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