XS in Legion of Three Worlds

CBR has an interview with Geoff Johns on Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, and hints at certain… flashy elements to the story.

“If people liked Bart Allen, they should probably read the book. XS is in it.”

And while he wouldn’t come right out and say whether or not the five-issue miniseries absolutely, positively marked the return of the speedster formerly known as The Flash, Johns teased, “Obviously, one of the big things in ‘Lightning Saga’ that we still haven’t addressed is the lightning rod and what that’s all about. That will be a central focus of the series.”

An image caption also indicates that XS (Jenni Ognats, Bart’s cousin and Barry’s granddaughter) will appear in Flash: Rebirth. While that’s entirely possible, given the apparent scope of the story — and I think it would be great to have the entire Allen/West clan involved — I have to wonder whether the caption writer was misreading an ambiguous paragraph early in the article, which explained XS’ ties to Barry Allen, then added that “The popular character will be showcased… [in] The Flash: Rebirth.


3 thoughts on “XS in Legion of Three Worlds

  1. ElfGrove

    It’ll be nice having XS around again, especially if we can expect a full Flash/Speedster clan around for “Flash: Rebirth”. My favorite times in the Flash comics were when the Lightning Family was a small army (Garrick, West, Allen, Ognats, the Quicks, Mercury — it was nice, they felt more like a family than any other DCU team, including the Titans, whom I love). However, I am rather attached to the ThreeBoot Legion. I really wonder how they’re going to resolve that with the fans, which Legion or which combination of characters and character histories is worth keeping after this mess, and how do you justify it to the fans?


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