Word Balloon interviews EVS on Flash: Rebirth

The latest Word Balloon podcast interviews artist Ethan Van Sciver on his role in Flash: Rebirth. Newsarama has posted selected quotes, including this:

I’ve been talking about bring Barry back for years. He’s been dead for 23 years I think we’ve paid sufficient homage to the greatness of the original Crisis…you know there’s still great stories to tell about this character let’s bring him back NOW. He’s a crime scene investigator, and we can tell stories in a pg-13 way that couldn’t be done in the silver age.

People are going to focus on Barry Allen being back …but really what Flash Rebirth is about is restoring the entire Flash mythos. We want to realign everything up again, have it all make sense, and make it more palatable for every Flash fan. The Flash mythos is only partly understood now…There’s going to be a big map that explains concepts that people already kind of have an inkling about, will be totally explained therein.

I’m going to have to listen to this later.


One thought on “Word Balloon interviews EVS on Flash: Rebirth

  1. Wally East

    I’m not making some schticky costume that disrespects Wally in any way. It’s just about redefining Wally’s role and relation to Barry and to the entire Flash Family.

    I can see a double lightning bolt logo for Wally, maybe? On the plus, this means I can get my wife to make another Flash costume for Halloween ’09 🙂

    One question I have about the return of Barry is what will everyone who knew Barry as Barry but didn’t know he was The Flash think? What kind of explanation can Barry give to them when he shows up?

    .-= Wally East’s latest blog post: Chocolate Ice Cream =-.


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