Faces of Evil: Rogue Profiles Go Global

In January, DC’s villains will take over the entire line for Faces of Evil. Each regular DC title will spotlight a villain for the month — much like the Rogue Profiles that Geoff Johns did during his run on The Flash, or the “New Year’s Evil” specials from 1998. The project was inspired* by the de-motivational posters DC has been running this year, and by the Final Crisis slogan, “The Day Evil Won.”

This might explain why December’s Flash #247, the conclusion of “This Was Your Life, Wally West,” was not solicited as the final issue of the series even though we know the book will stop for Flash: Rebirth. Even if Rebirth starts right on time in January, they could still run a one-shot focusing on, say, Zoom. Though I’d rather see a villain who hasn’t already had a spotlight issue in recent years.

Of course, I’m still holding out for the book to reach #250. So few series reach that milestone, and it would be sad for it to stop two issues short.

*Cynically, it occurs to me that this allows an extra month to finish Final Crisis before the entire line shifts from just before to just after the world-changing event.


13 thoughts on “Faces of Evil: Rogue Profiles Go Global

  1. Luke

    This is the exact thought I had when I read this news: line-wide Rogue Profiles. Could be interesting. Didio did mention that Enemy Ace would somehow be involved with this… maybe over in Birds of Prey as Lady Blackhawk’s rival? I wonder…

    .-= Luke’s latest blog post: Hiatus Next Week =-.

  2. Kelson Post author

    March, huh? That means that the current series could go to #249 in February, then stop for Rebirth. 350+249=599…which means they could relaunch with Flash #600.

  3. Jason West

    it’s gonna be the Weather Wizard.

    i believe in RR#3, yes, Inertia (“Kid Zoom”) is gonna die.

    buuuuuut…i believe Captain Cold is gonna die as well.

    leaving one Mr. Mark Mardon to lead the Rogues (Mirror Master, Heat Wave, and the Trickster).

    therefore, the “Rogue Profile” will be on him.

    also, Cold, Piper, Zoom, and Heat Wave all had profiles.

    he’s rightfully next.

    (ps: if you include #’s 0, 1 million, 1/2, and All-Flash #1 as well as all 13 issues of TFMA, you get a grand total of 616 by Feb. starting Barry off at 617?…)

  4. Kelson Post author

    Weather Wizard would definitely make sense.

    Regarding the numbering: #0, #1,000,000, and #½ would all have been numbered out of sequence even if the series had been published continuously, just like the #0 and #1,000,000 issues of Action Comics and Detective Comics. So I wouldn’t count them when trying to combine everything.

    The real question is whether to include Flash: The Fastest Man Alive and All-Flash. I can see taking the tack that they’re different titles, and therefore not including them (but I’ll admit that it’s sort of pushing it a bit, since Flash Comics and The Flash aren’t quite the same title either, and they shared numbering.)

    Come to think of it, if you include All-Flash #1, you should probably include Flash: Rebirth itself, which would have the series picking up (if you include TFMA) at #620.

    Or they could just simplify it and go to #1.

  5. TotalToyz

    The project was inspired* by the de-motivational posters DC has been running this year

    How many of those were there? I only ever saw one, the Brainiac one; and frankly, I thought it was a fragrance ad.

    “Oppression. By Colu Inclined.”

  6. Kelson Post author


    As to how many ads, there are at least five:


    There’s also a parody with Ambush Bug. Futility, I think.

  7. Jason West

    my pick of Weather Wizard also coincides w/ Wally’s first appearance in The Flash #110 (Dec 1959-Jan 1960), as well as my fave “modern” Rogues (Zoom, WW, The Top. the smart classic ones who COULD defeat Wally if they wanted to).


    (Ambush Bug’s “word” was Unvictorious…)

    you’re probably right about the renumbering at #1 in Sep. they pulled the same stunt w/ GL…

    i was just hoping, since Batman/Superman/Action/Detective Comics all have kept up this long…

    oh well…a fan can dream…

    (btw: Kelson, what did you think of my theory about RR#3?)

  8. Kelson Post author

    Ah, thanks. For some reason I couldn’t remember the word.

    Re: your RR#3 theory, I can see them killing Inertia, but I can’t see Geoff Johns killing Captain Cold. Another writer, maybe…but GJ has often said that Cold is his favorite Rogue, and I doubt he’d want to give up the possibility of using the character.

    On the other hand, having watched a lot of Lost, I can see him being expendable as of issue #2.

  9. Jason West

    you forgot Unvictorious…how appropriate.

    (btw: if Hush’s word had begun w/ a “D”, you could spell “Didio” w/ them…)



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