Maybe they should call it “Finally! Crisis!”

The latest DC Direct Channel newsletter has more shipping changes for Final Crisis.

Final Crisis #4 has been pushed back again to October 22, and the next few issues have been rescheduled accordingly. That puts Final Crisis #5 on November 26, and Final Crisis #6 on December 31. (FC6 isn’t on the list, but the new date is on DC’s website.)

So it looks like December will have an issue of Final Crisis, after all.


6 thoughts on “Maybe they should call it “Finally! Crisis!”

  1. Kelson Post author

    @Akoya: Direct Channel is mainly aimed at retailers, but I see it through the SuperHeroNews group on Yahoo. It’s essentially an aggregator, and the mailing list itself is subscribed to a bunch of other mailing lists.

    @Gary: As in that’s when the series will finish?


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