Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2008-12-14

  • Re-read Fray. Caught up on Buffy & Fables. Finally read comic adaptation of last year’s Beowulf. #
  • Argh! Search term: “flash gordon and superman’s race” Flash Gordon DOES NOT RUN FAST! *grumble* #
  • I wonder how many people, looking for Flash villains, can’t find them because they’re looking for the Rouges instead of the Rogues. #
  • Some Flash 246 Reviews: Comic Reviews, Major Spoilers, Comix 411, Comics Bulletin, Speed Force, and ComiXtreme. #
  • Dropping Newsarama & CBR from Twitter in favor of RSS feeds. I see the headlines eventually anyway, and they just clutter up the timeline. #
  • Added countdown timer for end of Flash and start of Flash:Rebirth. Unfortunatley it wants a specific day, so I picked April 30. #
  • Final Crisis #5: The pieces have come together. #
  • Latest Dan Didio 20 Questions talks about legacy vs. iconic versions of characters – and the 5th!? gen of heroes. #
  • Mark Waid explains the Batman suit in the Flash ring (and answers lots of other questions). #

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