Flash: Rebirth Confirmed for April 1

Flash: RebirthTitans Tower has obtained some of DC’s April 2009 solicitations, including the one for the first issue of Flash: Rebirth!

The Flash: Rebirth #1

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and covers by Ethan Van Sciver

Through the decades, many heroes have taken the mantle of The Flash, but they all ride the lightning that crackles in the wake of the greatest hero the DC Universe has ever known, the man who sacrificed himself to save the Multiverse: Barry Allen!

Following the events of Final Crisis, Barry has beaten death and returned to a fast-paced world that a man out of time wouldn’t recognize. Or is it a world that is only just now catching up? All the running he’s done before was just a warmup for the high-speed race that he and every other Flash must now run, because even though one speedster might have beaten death, another has just turned up dead! From Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, the visionaries responsible for the blockbuster Green Lantern: Rebirth and The Sinestro Corps War, comes the start of an explosive and jaw-dropping epic that will reintroduce to the modern age the hero who single-handedly birthed the Silver Age of comics! DC history will be made, and the Flash legacy will be redefined!

Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. For every 25 copies of the Standard Edition (with a cover by Ethan Van Sciver), retailers may order one copy of the Variant Edition (with a cover by Ethan Van Sciver). Please see the Previews Order Form for more information. On sale April 1 • 1 of 5 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US

Update: More preview solicitations are up at Newsarama, including the other cover for Flash: Rebirth.

Flash: Rebirth Cover


5 thoughts on “Flash: Rebirth Confirmed for April 1

  1. Wally East

    I’m just realizing that he’s putting on that left boot. Boots that Wally, on the cover of 247, took off.

    Well, in any event, I’m glad it’s confirmed.

  2. rwe1138

    I don’t think the speedster that turns up dead in the first issue will be anyone important. Someone peripheral, like Lady Flash or Speed Demon or the like.

  3. papa zero

    I suspect that the speedster that turns up dead would be someone that uses the speedforce… I seem to remember some interview where it was mentioned that some sort of change would be made as relates to the speedforce. If this is the case, they would be more likely to use peripheral characters or plot devices centering around it.

    I’m actually surprised at how much I DON’T like the alternate cover. Personal opinion aside… I don’t remember Barry Allen’s muscles bursting from his costume like that. Thankfully we’re not in Rob Liefeld territory yet.


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