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DC Announces New Weekly FUTURES END

DC Comics revealed their second weekly series of 2014 yesterday, with The New 52: Futures End joining Batman: Eternal.


The first installment, a #0 issue, will be released on Free Comic Book Day in May. Issue #1 will also come out that month.  In an article over at ABC News (via AP), writer Jeff Lemire is quoted about the themes at play in the time-hopping weekly:

“Really, what we’re trying to do with this book is to explore the nature of what a hero is and we’re doing that, obviously by playing with the future of the New 52 timeline,” Lemire said. “Past present and future all colliding in this story line.”

That means exploring the past with a character like Frankenstein, the present with Firestorm and the future with Batman Beyond who is, Lemire said, making what is his first “in-continuity appearance. He’ll become part of the New 52.”

Flash fans might note that the 2013 Justice League Beyond series featured a future-Flash named Danica Williams, who has the ability to consult with past speedsters (including Wally West, as well as the “original” Jay Garrick and Bart Allen).  It remains to be seen if the Batman Beyond featured will be from the same continuity as the Batman Beyond Universe comics.

Check out posts over at Comics Alliance, ABC News and Comics Beat for more!

*Breaking News* Wally West Figure Finally Announced! ****UPDATED****

Hey Speed Readers,

Unless you’ve been living underground for the last six months or so you have to be aware that SDCC 2012 officially began today and while there isn’t a ton of Flashy news on the collectibles front, one awesome thing stands out!

Wally West will finally be released as a Mattel Action Figure: 

 Picture via Actionfigureinsider.com

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Speed Reading: BATB Video Clip, Young Justice, EVS on WildStorm & CyberFrog

Some news bits from around the net:

Newsarama has new Batman: The Brave and the Bold gameplay video with Blue Beetle and The Flash. They also highligh 5 Missing Themes from the recently-announced Music of DC Comics album.

Art Baltazar and Franco talk about Young Justice, their comic book based on the upcoming cartoon. Their favorite character so far: Kid Flash.

Ethan Van Sciver talks to CBR about his upcoming horror comics at WildStorm…and the return of CyberFrog.

EVS Draws JLA #50: JLA vs. the Crime Syndicate

Over at The Source, DC has posted Flash: Rebirth artist Ethan Van Sciver’s cover for Justice League of America #50.

I assume it’s either a wraparound or a pair of 50/50 variant covers.

The Donna Troy vs. Superwoman and Supergirl vs. Ultra-Man battles dominate the image, but there’s also Power Ring vs. Jade, Batman vs. Owlman, and (way in the background) Jesse Quick vs. Johnny Quick.

Ever since James Robinson mentioned that the JLA would be going up against the Crime Syndicate, I’d wondered which version of the villainous team they’d be facing. The original version? The Crime Society on Earth-3? Between this and Syndicate Rules in the previous series, it looks like the Morrison/Quitely version from JLA: Earth-2 has been established as the primary version of the team, though they have gone back to the Kyle Rayner analog for Power Ring.

Update: Here’s a close-up (loosely speaking) of part of the Jesse Quick/Johnny Quick battle.

Speed Reading: Sackboy & Zombie Flash, Brea Grant, Young Justice and SDCC

Some weekend linkblogging…

That F’ing Monkey continues its Friday Flash focus with a Flash Sackboy and a piece of original art from Flash: TFMA, the series following Bart Allen’s brief career as the Flash. Let’s just say it’s from the storyline that had Marc Guggenheim as writer and Ethan Van Sciver on covers.

Robot 6’s regular feature on collections spotlights Hugues Charron, headlining the profile with a Todd Lauzon painting of a Zombie Flash.

Heroes’ speedster Brea Grant is this past week’s Geek a Week. (via Bad Astronomy)

DC is finally reprinting Young Justice!…sort of. They’re releasing a set of eight DC Comics Presents one-shots reprinting various hard-to-find stories, including JLA: World Without Grown-Ups as DC Presents: Young Justice.

Collected Editions reviews Justice League: Cry for Justice, concluding it’s both better and worse than advertised. Of course, when the introduction to the book is essentially an apology by the writer, you have to wonder…


Warner Bros. promotes this year’s giant bags for Comic-Con…and their wardrobe possibilities.

Dark Horse sponsors events at more than 50 comic stores for fans who are #NotAtComicCon.

Ethan Van Sciver has posted promotional art for Montreal Comic-Con featuring a Superman/Flash race and Green Lantern with the starting pistol.

Update: Here’s one more. Kerry Callen (of the excellent Halo and Sprocket) redraws Flash v.1 #133 for Covered. That’s the classic Abra Kadabra story in which the Flash thinks to himself, “I’ve got the strangest feeling I’m being turned into a puppet.”

Cons: SDCC Transportation & Tips, LBCC Lifetime Memberships, EVS at Philly

Some quick convention notes:

Flash: Rebirth artist Ethan Van Sciver will be at Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con* this weekend, and will be signing this afternoon from 3:00-3:45.

Comic Con InternationalComic-Con International is gearing up for next month’s event with transportation news: they’re adding shuttle service to hotels in Mission Valley, Shelter Island, and North Harbor Island. Also, they’re partnering with some downtown San Diego parking lots to sell pre-paid parking. Amazingly enough, spaces in the lot below the convention center still seem to be available!

If you’re headed to San Diego, or to any other convention this summer, you may want to check out my Tips for Comic-Con.

Long Beach Comic ConLong Beach Comic Con has only been around for a year, but they’re already offering a limited-edition lifetime membership for $129. That’s comparable to three years at the full-weekend price of $45…or just over one year at Comic-Con International (currently $100 for 4½ days). They’re running a contest though the end of July to win one of the lifetime memberships.

I enjoyed the first LBCC last October, and I definitely plan on going back this year if I can.

*I don’t link to the individual convention pages anymore because they keep moving them around. Not to mention renaming the cons.