Rumor: Flash Movie Speeding Up?

Edit: Thinking about it more, Brandan’s probably right. This was too sketchy to really bother posting. Even if it’s true, I probably misremembered the dates anyway. I’d delete the post, but on the internet that would paradoxically give it more attention.

Not much to report anyway: just someone overhearing a conversation which implied that WB marketing expected to start working on stuff related to the perpetually-in-development-hell Flash movie in the next couple of years, rather than just eventually.


3 thoughts on “Rumor: Flash Movie Speeding Up?

  1. Brandan

    I can’t believe you posted that….you must REALLY REALLY REALLY trust this guy, because that sounds like rubbish. Even if Dan’s script was complete, WB would most likely send it back for some nitpicks and changes like they did the Green Lantern script. They went through 3 drafts and that was off of major hype that the studio LOVED the first draft. Green Lantern is by all means the experimental film for Warner Bros., and any other DC Comics property will be on the backburner until the powers that be decide to bring them to the forefront, which won’t be until they know what they have in Dan’s script AND the GL film.


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