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Rumor: Flash/Green Lantern Movie in the Works

Flash and Green Lantern

Take this with a huge grain of salt: Hollywood columnist Nikki Finke reports on a slew of DC movies expected to be announced at Comic-Con next month to follow up on Batman vs. Superman, including a Justice League movie, a Wonder Woman solo film, and a Flash/Green Lantern (not Ryan Reynolds) team-up in 2017. (via The Beat)

Keep in mind that Warner Bros. was expected to announce a Flash movie last year, which didn’t happen, though a few weeks later they announced the TV series. And of course even if a movie really is in the works, there’s no guarantee it will actually get made, as a Flash movie has spent a full decade in development hell since being announced back in 2004.

It’s still not clear whether DC’s Man of Steel spinoffs will be taking place in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash, but wouldn’t it be cool for a Flash/Green Lantern team-up film to hit during the mid-season hiatus of Flash season three?

(Image: Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold #1 cover by Barry Kitson.)

Flash TV/Movie Rumor Update: Script Review, Audition Tape

Superhero Movie News has what purports to be a detailed-spoiler-filled review of the leaked Flash movie script by Michael Green & Marc Guggenheim, based on a story by Guggenheim, Green and Greg Berlanti. It’s interesting, particularly where reviewer Michael J. Petty compares it to the Green Lantern movie script by the same team…and to elements that have already worked their way into Arrow.

Speaking of the Arrowverse, a video surfaced briefly, claiming to be an audition tape for the role of Iris West in the Flash TV show pilot before it was taken down.

MTV analyses the video and the script review in extensive detail. (TBH, I’ve only skimmed it myself so far.) You’ll want to read the whole article at MTV, but beware…there are SPOILERS galore (for a movie that may or may not ever be made in that form).

Two things to consider:

  • Movie scripts go through many revisions before being produced, and the Flash film has been scrapped and restarted a number of times since it was announced nine years ago.
  • Auditions sometimes use early drafts and sometimes use scripts that are specific to the audition, and not intended to be filmed for the final product.

Flash TV Update: Casting Rumors

Hi everyone! Just a quick update on the Flash TV pilot news and rumors.

First up: John Wesley Shipp (Barry Allen from the 1990s TV show) talks about Grant Gustin and Flash on the Out Loud and Live Podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, The Flash Podcast has an episode discussing the possible role of the Flash in the evolving DC Cinematic universe.

Bludhaven Banter indicates a Detective Eddie Thawne will be part of the cast for the TV pilot, a recent transfer to Central City from Keystone. Sure sounds like a cover identity for the Reverse-Flash, doesn’t it? (via Flash TV News.)

Moviehole reports on another character planned for the pilot: Cisco Ramon, a.k.a. Vibe. (via Spinoff)

Superhero Movie News reports that Ernie Hudson may be up for Detective West. Geeks who grew up in thw 1980s will best remember him from Ghostbusters. (also via Flash TV News)

Update: Word of the Nerd also rounds up casting rumors and comments on the lineup. Something I’d missed in Bludhaven Banter’s Thawne scoop was that there’s also rumored to be an openly gay character among the regular/recurring cast. Could Hartley Rathaway a.k.a. the Pied Piper be making his way to the screen as well?

Flashpoint to Trigger Wave of Cancellations?

Ah, rumors! First it was that DC would be renaming and renumbering their whole line to reflect the alternate reality of Flashpoint. Then, when the 15 tie-in miniseries were announced, people started hoping the regular books would go on hiatus to keep them from emptying their wallets.

Now, rumor site Bleeding Cool reports that DC will cancel a number of their lower-selling titles in order to make room in their publishing slate.

On one hand, it’s sad to see some of these titles rumored to get the axe in favor of an unrelated set of miniseries. On the other, the titles listed haven’t exactly been setting the shelves on fire, as this analysis of DC’s December sales shows. Flashpoint may have simply been the last nail, or just a convenient time.

And let’s be honest — this is still at the rumor stage. We’ll know more when May solicitations hit this afternoon.

As a reminder, we’re keeping track of the Flashpoint creative teams as they’re announced or leaked.

Rumor: Will Flashpoint Retitle Everything?

This is pure speculation, but it’s an interesting one. Bleeding Cool reports that DC Comics’ upcoming Flashpoint event will rename and renumber DCU titles all across the line, much as Marvel’s Age of Apocalypse retitled all of their X-Men titles for the duration of that alternate reality story.

Basically, that DC will change their publishing lineup to reflect the changes that (presumably) the Reverse-Flash makes in DCU history.

If they do it right, I think this could be fun. It reminds me of DC One Million, in which every DCU title jumped forward to issue #1,000,000 and either told a story about a future version of the lead character/team, or told a story about the character in the future (to varying degrees of success). The Armageddon 2001 and Legends of the Dead Earth annuals were similar (though A2001, IMO, was a more successful event), or perhaps the two https://hyperborea.org/flash/tangent.html”>Tangent Comics events in which DC released nine books as if they were first issues of new series detailing an alternate universe.

I guess the best comparison for a DC reader would be the Amalgam comics that took over a month on the DC & Marvel publishing schedules during the Marvel vs. DC event and its sequels: comics like Speed Demon, or the Uncanny X-Patrol, or Doctor Strangefate. Each was treated as a first issue of an ongoing, often with references to previous series featuring the characters.

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor: DC might not be planning this at all, or they might be planning a few miniseries to run alongside the regular monthly books like they did with Blackest Night, or they might be planning a single month like the resurrected titles last year.

Flash Movie in 2012? In 3D?

Collider reports from Showest that Warner Bros. plans to use DC superheroes as the new “tent pole” big-event movies, taking the place the Harry Potter films have had for the past decade. Word is that the Flash is up next after Green Lantern, aiming for a 2012 release.

Greg Berlanti, recently rumored to be in the running for director, ducked the question when asked about the film.

Also of interest: Warner Bros. plans to release all of their tentpoles in 3D. I’m not sure how effective 3-D would be for the Flash or his usual Rogues Gallery, but it has some interesting possibilities if they toss in a brief fight with the Folded Man.

The project has been in development hell for years (Warner Bros. announced it in 2004), but with the new DC Entertainment organization, we’re finally starting to see movement.

(via It’s a Dan’s World, SpeedsterSite, and ComicsBlips)