More Silver-Age Flash Reprints Coming: Chronicles and Rogues

Flash Chronicles Vol 1Collected Editions has spotted two more Flash books coming this year: Flash Chronicles Vol. 1 and Flash vs. The Rogues, coming in September and November respectively.

The Flash Chronicles looks to be picking up on the format pioneered by the Batman Chronicles and Superman Chronicles: starting from the beginning, reprinting the stories in chronological order in trade paperback form.

Well, mostly: judging by the Carmine Infantino credit, and the fact that the Green Lantern Chronicles are starting with Hal Jordan, they’re probably starting with the Silver Age — 15 years after the Flash first appeared. And re-reprinting the same stories that have already been reprinted in the Flash Archives series and Showcase Presents: The Flash.

Every time DC changes to a new format for their reprints, they start over in the same place. It’s maddening. It’s as if, instead of releasing full seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequent series, Paramount had released season one on VHS, then went back and released the same season on DVD, then gone back and released the same season on Blu-Ray, never getting to later seasons of TNG…or to the original series.

How about reprinting some more Golden Age Flash stories, DC? I’ll happily pre-order The Golden Age Flash Archives Volume 3 the moment you solicit it!

As for Flash vs. the Rogues, my best guess as to content would be collecting the stories from Barry’s run in which the Rogues teamed up against their speedy nemesis. Stories like “The Gauntlet of Super-Villains,” “Stupendous Triumph of the Six Super-Villains,” and “If I Can’t Rob Central City, Nobody Can!”


5 thoughts on “More Silver-Age Flash Reprints Coming: Chronicles and Rogues

    1. Kelson Post author

      @Jim: Probably not. They haven’t announced the contents yet, but based on the other Chronicles series it’s likely to be more or less the same content as Flash Archives vol.1 (depending on page count), just in a cheaper format.

      1. Jim

        thanks, i guess i will have to check it out. I hate to say it but i have never read any of Barry’s issues but i own every Wally issue known to man. I am going to start on the Barry stuff this summer. I cant wait!


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