Blackest Night: Flash Miniseries Coming

SpeedsterSite points to this video montage from Emerald City Comicon, which includes clips from the DC Nation Panel in which Ian Sattler announces several tie-in miniseries to this year’s big event, Blackest Night. Pop Culture Zoo describes the panel in detail.

Blackest Night is an 8-issue miniseries, plus stories running through Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, plus at least six three-issue miniseries.

August sees the launch of the launch (leaked a few days ago) of the following 3-issue minis:

  • Blackest Night: Batman
  • Blackest Night: Superman
  • Blackest Night: Titans

Apparently at the panel, Sattler confirmed three more 3-issue miniseries starting in November:

  • Blackest Night: Justice Society of America
  • Blackest Night: Wonder Woman
  • Blackest Night: Flash

Well, there’s no shortage of dead speedsters to become Black Lanterns, or dead Rogues for that matter — plus the events of Flash: Rebirth seem to be adding to the supply.

This might relate to this bit from Ethan Van Sciver’s interview at Speedster Site:

SS: Also, if Rebirth ships on time, we’ll be done by September. Will we have a Flash ongoing title directly following by the end of the year, or will we have to suffer like we did at the end of Flash #247?

EVS: And you’re incorrect about September, but I can’t announce why yet! Don’t worry, it’s a good thing.

Update: CBR has posted their own write-up of the panel.


4 thoughts on “Blackest Night: Flash Miniseries Coming

  1. Brandan

    I’m nervous that everyone who has died during Rebirth or before, might just return by the end of this mini. I don’t think the DCU should be flooded with Speedsters. I like that they are unique. I can’t help but be excited because its more Flash, but that’s three more months of no ongoing. Assuming this ships on time, we’ll finish in January…but then again, where’s the ongoing?

    .-= Brandan’s latest Twitter post: SpeedsterSite: @SpeedForceOrg Does it feel like a cop out to you? Everyone who dies in Rebirth can essentially be brought back in this mini…. =-.

  2. Jason West

    @brandan: you do realize that The Flash has his 70th Anniversary this upcoming January, right? if they were to publish the first issue shortly after this mini is over, we would get a first issue of The Flash that coincides with his/their 70th anniversary!

    think about it!

    .-= Jason West’s latest blog post: The Rebirth Has Begun… =-.


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