Geoff Johns and EVS Talk Flash: Rebirth at IO9 and Newsarama

A couple of new interviews popped up over the weekend with Flash: Rebirth‘s writer and artist.

First IO9 interviews Geoff Johns. The answer that I found most intriguing from this interview was this:

Is the tone similar to Green Lantern: Rebirth? Because Green Lantern has a tone of, I don’t want to say “space opera,” but it’s been very grandiose and the stakes have never been small.

Green Lantern is to Space as the Flash is to Time.

The backdrop is, big and epic. But it’s a little bit more character-focused, though, the difference being, I gotta get into Barry Allen’s history more because he’s more of an unknown to people.

Let’s look at that again: “Green Lantern is to Space as the Flash is to Time.”

Next is the Blog@Newsarama Q&A with Ethan Van Sciver.

EVS: The reader can draw his own conclusions, but again, I don’t think it’s cynicism on Barry’s part, but a sense that something is very wrong. We’re not seeing the Barry we’re used to here, and there’s a reason for that.

I’m reminded of the fact that Bilson and DeMeo said the same thing about Bart at the beginning of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive. Of course, no one listened to them.


One thought on “Geoff Johns and EVS Talk Flash: Rebirth at IO9 and Newsarama

  1. ted

    Part of me really wanted to see the rest of that Bilson & DeMeo run… but it seemed to take forever to get anywhere that I’m glad they got pulled off. It sucks that they couldn’t finish what they planned, but Guggenheim did such a good job within ONE ISSUE to get the book back on track that I can’t really complain. I understood why DC did what they did. Those last few issues were the highlight of that series. It’s a shame he was brought aboard to kill off Bart, because I wouldn’t have minded reading a Bart series with Guggenheim at the helm.

    Having said that, I’m loving the hell out of Geoff’s current Rebirth run and glad things happened the way they did.

    So yeah, I think the difference here is that while Geoff may be portraying Barry differently than the way the fans expect… The fans have enough faith in Geoff to stick around and see where he’s going with this. I don’t think many people will be dropping THIS book after issue 1…


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