Mapping out Blackest Night’s Schedule

Okay, based on IGN’s list of November Blackest Night tie-ins, I think I’ve worked out Blackest Night’s schedule.

July Blackest Night
(8 mo.)
Green Lantern
(8 mo.)
Green Lantern Corps
(8 mo.)
Tales of the Corps (3)
Aug. BN: Batman
(3 mo.)
BN: Superman
(3 mo.)
BN: Titans
(3 mo.)
Nov. Tie-ins in Ongoing Books (8)
Dec. BN: Flash
(3 mo.)
BN: Wonder Woman
(3 mo.)
(3 mo.)

When the second round of miniseries were originally half-announced at Emerald City Comicon, I (and a lot of others) assumed they would pick up in November, which would put the number of total Blackest Night books at 6 per month from July through January and leave a gap in February. I wondered what DC might do in February to keep the total up.

So now, it looks like the second round of miniseries will run from December through February, with a one-month gap in which DC will churn out 8 tie-in issues, bringing the total number of Blackest Night comics in November to 11.

So much for keeping it small. On the other hand, when they did keep Final Crisis small, fans complained that it didn’t seem to be affecting the rest of the DC Universe. Well, you can’t please everyone.


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