Quick Thoughts: Weekly Twitter for 2009-08-23

Some highlights from this week’s Twitter activity.

  • Interesting. DC is doing second printings of Wednesday Comics #1 and 2 next week.
  • Kaja and Phil Foglio’s acceptance speech for Girl Genius’ Hugo award…in comic-book form!
  • Retweeting @sterlinggates: Told you I met Kid Flash. [Hint: check his icon!]
  • Wonder how many comic shops will hold sales during the post-Xmas skip week to keep regulars coming in?
  • Please help identify these unknown cosplay characters!
  • Something different for #followfriday: Weird news @ThisIsTrue; Weird @AlYankovic; Funny spam subjects @lol_spam
  • I wonder how DC will collect the Blackest Night tie-in minis. 6 short trades? 2 or 3 longer BN Companion books w/several minis in each?


  • Trying to remember which issue this was (yes, it’s real) RT @karlkerschl: Grodd for Governor! The time is NOW!!! [Edit: @SpeedsterSite reminded me it was Flash v.1 #127, “Reign of the Super-Gorilla”]
  • I’ll just look at this one article on TV Tropes…
  • Archie dances the Mephisto Waltz.
  • RT @lol_spam: “Stylish cell phones that help you do more.” – I saw those in Transformers. Not sure I’d want one – they’re real nasty. #spam
  • Follow-up RT @lol_spam: “If your old watch is killing you, get a new one.” Why do people keep exposing their electronics to the All-Spark?
  • Hah! “the only advantage of living forever is having the time to read all of TV Tropes.”

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