Speed Reading: Archenemies, SBP, CFJ, Smallville, Art, and More

Some weekend linkblogging.


The Speedster Site Forum wants to know: Who do you consider the Flash’s archenemy?

The Weekly Crisis posts thoughts on comics for November. Regarding Superboy Prime’s upcoming appearance in Adventure Comics #4 (a Blackest Night tie-in), Ryan says, “The only way this won’t make me even more annoyed with the end of Legion of Three Worlds is if the Superboy Prime scenes are actually just him ranting on message boards.”

ICv2’s Confessions of a Comic-Book Guy discusses two events in Justice League: Cry For Justice #2: one now infamous among comics discussion circles, the other the less-commented-on off-panel killing of Jay Garrick’s three dimwitted sidekicks.

Update: IO9 talks to Mark Waid about The Unknown, science, and death, and has the first issue online for free. The Unknown has been an excellent miniseries, and I’m really looking forward to the conclusion on Wednesday.


Photon Torpedoes looks at the use of ghost images to show the Flash’s speed in Blackest Night.

Adventure Comics artist Francis Manapul has posted photos of several convention sketches he’s done this year, including the Flash and Kid Flash! Elfgrove posts a scan of another Francics Manapul Kid Flash. Update: Manapul has posted a follow-up with more sketches after asking fans to send in their scans.

Update: Former Impulse artist Craig Rousseau shares a sketch of Bart Allen.


Geoff Johns drops a hint about his upcoming Smallville episode, “Society:”

The Justice Society will be heroes that come out of ‘retirement’ to see how the current generation operates. Can’t say much more than that right now. Sorry! 🙂

Superhero Shows spotlights the Flash’s TV appearances in cartoons and live-action, from the early Filmation cartoons of the 1960s through to recent appearances on Smallville and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


Long Beach Comic-Con (October 2-4) is running a “Why Long Beach?” series on life outside the convention. So far they’ve posted nearby attractions and a restaurant guide.

Please help identify these Unknown Cosplay Characters from various conventions! I’ve got a few of my own photos in there of people who had interesting costumes, but I still have no idea who they were dressed as!


3 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Archenemies, SBP, CFJ, Smallville, Art, and More

  1. CM22

    The “new” speed effect really isn’t all that new. ‘Ringo did it a lot during his flash run, there Wally had after images all the time. One of my most vivid Wally memories is the scene where it’s essentially a single large panel and you can see him playing basketball with himself over the course of the scene. While it definitely didn’t stick as the standard, other people used it.

    I’m HOPING this is an issue of delays, because I really don’t think after-images are the only tricks that EVS has up his sleeve as far as redefining the way they look when they run, but because the series isn’t out and Barry IS already appearing in the other things we have to go with what we’ve seen. But that’s just kind of wishful thinking.

  2. Omar Karindu

    The afterinmage/multiple image thing goes all the way back to Mort Meskin’s art on Johnny Quick in the 1940s; Carmine Infantino used the same bit on the Barry Allen Flash in the 1960s.


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