DC Entertainment and the Flash Movie

DC isn’t making it easy for me to take time away from comics news/discussion this month.

So, you’ve probably heard by now that Warner Bros. is restructuring DC Comics, making it part of a new WB company, DC Entertainment. The announcement mentions several movies currently in production, but says nothing about anything in earlier stages, such as the Flash movie.

However, an article at Deadline Hollywood by Nikki Finke mentioned some movies in the pipeline:

Robinov for months has quietly gone to producers like Chuck Roven and Joel Silver and Akiva Goldman and “called back” all their high profile DC titles in development like The Flash and Wonder Woman.

This made me wonder: what does this mean for the Flash movie? It was only 2 months ago that Warner Bros. announced Geoff Johns had written a story and would be producing. Has it been put on hold again? Has this version been dropped the way the David Goyer story was? What exactly does “called back” mean in this context?

Then I looked back at July’s announcement and saw this:

This past fall, Warners quietly hired three of DC’s biggest writers — Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman — to act as consultants and writers for its superhero line of movies. The move involved taking back the reins on projects being handled by such producers as Charles Roven (”The Flash”) and Akiva Goldsman (”Teen Titans”). [emphasis added]

Aha! Now add in the fact that Jeff Robinov was heavily involved in the big DC/Warner Bros. summit last year that led to July’s announcement, and it looks like the current Flash production is the result of the same process that has been building up to the restructuring.

So until we hear otherwise, we can assume that the Geoff Johns/Dan Mazeau version of the movie is still in development.


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  1. Zen

    Personally, I think Akiva Goldsman should stay as far away from superhero movies as possible. Why? Three words: “Batman and Robin.”


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