Creator Catch-Up: Johns on Smallville, Williams on Digital Art, Roberston & the ‘Ringo

The first of several linkblogging posts for the day.

Geoff Johns offers hints about his upcoming Smallville episode, Society, featuring the Justice Society. The exact lineup hasn’t been determined yet, but sadly it won’t include the Golden Age Flash or Green Lantern, Jay Garrick and Alan Scott. The season will, however, feature the live-action debut of the Wonder Twins.

CBR interviews Darick Robertson on his career, including his work back in the early 1990s on such books as Justice League Europe, Justice League Quarterly, and the Flash TV Special.

Former Flash artist Freddie Williams II talks about The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics

Heroes Online talks about the Mike Wieringo Scholarship.


4 thoughts on “Creator Catch-Up: Johns on Smallville, Williams on Digital Art, Roberston & the ‘Ringo

    1. Ben

      Hawkman would be awesome but knowing the show the costumes will most likely be bad. The best costumes so far have been Black Canary and The Legion of Superheroes. The show in general is too much of a tween-teen soap opera. If it were more like the Flash live action show or Lois and Clark, I would still be watching every episode. As it is I just tune in when Geoff Johns writes a episode or they introduce a character from the comics.

      1. Kelson Post author

        I’ve also only been watching the crossover episodes. The disc with the Zatanna episode (or maybe the Legion – I forget which was in there first) is on its way from Netflix as I type…


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