Rebirth #4: View from the Twitter Gallery

It’s not just bloggers who’ve been reviewing The Flash: Rebirth. People on Twitter have been chiming in with their opinions, 140 characters at a time.

Comments have been overwhelmingly positive, though of course not everyone likes what they’ve read. I’ve picked some examples of various reactions from a Twitter search, and categorized them.


hayestronaut: Think I’d B buying Flash – Rebirth even if the word balloons were removed. It’s that darned perty! No offense 2 @GeoffJohns0 #

MarkJustice: Flash: Rebirth #4: How many F’n Flashes can Geoff Johns fit in one comic? Apparently 57. Great art. *** #comics #

SpeedsterSite: Re-reading The Flash:Rebirth #4…Had to pause and check out HOT IRIS. lol She almost steals Wally’s thunder! #

JamesDRobinson: Just read Flash Rebirth #4. Beginning to think this Geoff Johns kid may have the chops to have a career in comics. #

Agent_OfThe_Bat: @GeoffJohns0 Just read Flash Rebirth #4, got all emotional at Barry’s speech to Max before he grabbed him, now I must go do something manly #

isaaklown: @GeoffJohns0 thank you for making Flash Rebirth easy to read for a non-Flash person, but damn you for getting me interested now! #

Maukingbird: New Avengers and Flash Rebirth just punched me with fists made of awesome. I want to take punches from GL next but I need to go to sleep. #

J2Metal: Although I think Barry Allen coming back cheapens his legendary death, I am enjoying Flash: Rebirth too much to complain! #

jonahlantern: Holy fuck. Flash rebirth had been disappointing me right until this new issue. COMPLETELY redeemed #

AtomicSteve96: @GeoffJohns0 Just read Flash Rebirth #4. The last few pages gave me chills. I haven’t had that happen in a comic since Kingdom Come. #


myrealalterego: Rebirth 4=meh. It’s not really grabbing me, but I’ve never been a huge Flash guy. What do serious Flash fans think? #flash #flashrebirth #

jonloveless: Flash Rebirth #4. So the bad guy in this issue explaines how he broght barry back to life cept it makes no sense. #

dennislee: I’m not enjoying Flash: Rebirth as much as I’d hoped I would. This origin of the Speed Force… #

drdeaton: I saw what happened in Flash Rebirth and decided it wasn’t worth buying. Yawn. #

wlybrand: Flash: Rebirth #4 came out today. it was terrible, just terrible. On the bright side, I lost a bet and had to buy a coworker a Grodd figure. #

Triphos: why does flash rebirth have so many retcons? They don’t really contribute to the story beyond being a new power to beat the villain. #

Mixed or Neutral

Gservo: @popculturezoo Flash Rebirth is another i wish would of came out as an OGN #comics #

InfectiousFunk: Flash Rebirth 4: Wonder if Johns runs, issue seems like a metaphor for running’s ability to burn off bad feelings #

megavark: Just finished Flash: Rebirth #4. Negative Speed Force? Bonus childhood fact: I used to recite Johnny Quick’s speed formula. #

JeffJKowalski: I don’t really have any idea what’s going on in Flash Rebirth, but it sure does look purdy. #

PraxJarvin: @danfaust And yeah, Flash Rebirth is a bit dense for someone with no Flash knowledge. #

NickMulherin: Something about Flash: Rebirth seems off, and I’m not really sure what. Johns has admitted that the Flash is his favorite character, but — #

gamoid: Okay, I hated every panel of every page of the new Flash Rebirth up until the issue’s big resurrection, which made me tear up. WELL PLAYED. #

theminiwheat: Okay. Flash Rebirth was good. Not as good as the previous ones, but still. It left me a bit confused though, which I don’t like. But Jay. <3 #

darthkramer: @tomkaters I thought Flash: Rebirth was good, but I kind of got lost during the whole exposition section. #

And then there’s this one that I can’t quite figure out how to classify:

Captnsweatpants: Spilled guacamole on “Flash:Rebirth #4.” Scooping it up with a nacho chip. #



8 thoughts on “Rebirth #4: View from the Twitter Gallery

  1. Lia

    Gotta agree with Triphos about all the retcons. Johns’ general love for retcons frustrates the hell out of me.

      1. Lia

        I dunno; sometimes they’re not explicitly contradictory, but they’re usually at odds with what’s come before. His various Rogue retcons drive me crazy.

          1. Lia

            Admittedly, I’m anal by nature, so that’s part of it. However, the thing I really dislike is having to throw out old stories, and wondering if this or that aspect I enjoyed from an old story is no longer in continuity/part of a character’s history.

  2. Ben

    Two things. One, I love that nacho comment, hilarious. Two, I hope they bring back Barry’s mother and/or reveal that his father was innocent. If they don’t bring back his mother, then they hopefully will say that his father was proven innocent and remarried, before iris met them.

  3. fastest

    I understand that Flash is pretty dense in some heavy sci-fi concepts, speed force and time travel and all that. And that makes some people’s heads hurt.

    But I’m wondering how many people don’t understand it because they feel they have to whiz through the comic as fast as they can, and not take the time to READ it, and how many people just can’t get through the concepts. I love reading crap like this and have no problem, but if I don’t understand something I reread it untill I do. I don’t move on. I wonder if other people do that.

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