Poll Results: Upcoming Flash Series

In the end, 79 people responded to the poll asking which upcoming Flash series had them most excited.

The breakdown is interesting: Nearly half (47%) are looking forward most to the upcoming Flash monthly series, which launches (in theory) sometime next March. Almost a fourth each are most interested in the Blackest Night: Flash miniseries launching in December (22%) and the Kid Flash ongoing that will launch “about a month” after Flash.

That leaves 9% who have actually been turned off of the comics by Flash: Rebirth.

Early on, one reader pointed out to me that while The Flash will have two features — a lead feature starring Barry Allen and a second feature starring Wally West — they’re not separated in the poll options. Well, I guess this poll can’t be used to gauge interest in a particular character….

Next Poll: What’s the farthest you’ve traveled for a fan or comic convention?

Edit: I wrote this up Sunday night, intending to schedule it for Monday morning. I forgot to change the date, and accidentally posted it back-dated to Sunday morning — behind two posts that had already gone up! Oops! I’ve changed the time so that they appear in the right order now.


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