Quick Thoughts: Weekly Twitter for 2009-10-11


  • Sad to see such negativity on the Flash co-feature. What, it’s not enough for Barry’s fans to win, Wally’s fans have to lose too? #
  • The negativity seems to be from Barry fans who don’t want Wally to have backup stories in Barry’s book. #
  • Thank you, @RokkKrinn! I just read Comic Bloc this morning and all 4 major Barry boosters there weighed in against it or w/reservations. in reply to RokkKrinn #
  • Re-reading the comments on an old post from March: Co-Features, or How To Make All Flash Fans Happy. #
  • To go w/Barry fans who don’t want Wally polluting their book, I’ve found Wally fans who find a backup insulting. Some ppl r never satisfied #

Planetary and Delays

  • I have held Planetary #27 in my hands. Only question now: Do I read it tonight, or reread the whole series first? #
  • Thanks for the Planetary suggestions. Think I’ll take the life’s uncertain: eat dessert first approach, read it tonight, THEN reread the series #
  • After waiting years for Planetary to wrap, a couple months for Flash: Rebirth seems trivial. Annoying&frustrating, but hardly infuriating. #
  • Funny: just realized when the previous issue of Planetary came out, BART was the Flash. #


  • Created a Flickr pool for Long Beach Comic Con b/c I couldn’t find one. Turns out one existed, but spelled it “Comicon.” That’s not its name #
  • Some cons are “Comic Con” or “Comic-Con,” others are “Comicon.” It’s like calling the pool “Long Bach Comic Con.” Who’s going to find that? #
  • Comic bloggers worth reading: @JohannaDC @HighFiveComics @RokkKrinn @TheNerdyBird @OnceUponAGeek @WeeklyCrisis #FollowFriday #
  • Realized why the Japanese name for Optimus Prime bugs me: “Convoy” implies more than one vehicle. Maybe it’s a translation issue? #
  • Does no one on Smallville connect Clark, the guy who wears red & blue and is always around weird stuff, with the “Red-Blue Blur?” #
  • Site update: Bart Allen on Smallville. #

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3 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Weekly Twitter for 2009-10-11

  1. Perplexio

    Wally deserves to have a presence somewhere in the DCU. DC royally botched the passing of the torch from Wally to Bart by sending Wally off to some vague ambiguous place for some vague and ambiguous reasons. By giving Wally a piece of the new ongoing for Barry they’re keeping him on the radar as he deserves to be.

    He was THE Flash for over 20 years and has earned the right to have a continued presence in the DC Universe.

    Initially, I wasn’t keen on Wally. I got into The Flash because of the cheesy TV series and was annoyed that the Flash on the TV series had already been killed off in the comics. So early on my Flash comics collecting was more picking up the old Barry run of the Flash than picking up the new issues featuring Wally. Over time that changed. I think it was the Return of Barry Allen story where Wally finally won me over and became my preferred Flash over Barry.

    Although, I’d still love to see a Wally West/Dick Grayson comic (after Bruce Wayne eventually returns) with the two of them trying their hands at opening a detective agency together and fighting crime as civilians instead of costumed heroes. It probably doesn’t have legs to be an ongoing but it would make for a nice 5 or 6 part mini with them concluding at the end that civilian life just doesn’t cut it for them.

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