Speed Reading: “Science,” Homages, and an Atomic Banana Peel

CBR Live found themselves “Flashed” by Warner Bros. — or rather, by an advertisement for The Big Bang Theory at their studios in Burbank, California.

What Were They Thinking? uncovers the amazing science behind Jay Garrick’s origin and more Golden Age “science.”

High Five! Comics notes a pair of Flash cover homages: the latest Irredeemable’s homage to “Flash of Two Worlds” and a tale of two Flash #105s.

Mark Waid has found the Flash’s ultimate adversary: the atomic banana peel. No, I am not making this up. And neither is he.

Breaking off-topic a bit, here’s the *ahem* cerealized Blackest Night that’s been making the rounds the last few days.

Blackest Night Breakfast Cereal


1 thought on “Speed Reading: “Science,” Homages, and an Atomic Banana Peel

  1. Ben

    CBR also recently posted about the DC panel at the Baltimore comic con, Marc Guggenheim will be writing the Web. I really hope his writing has improved, mainly the sticking to things that he or others have already established as fact or a rule. If you look at the Civil War Wolverine Vendetta story, he wrote that a blade saw was made out of the metal covering Wolverine’s bones in one issue, in the next issue he made the blade saw a regular metal. Marc also has written heroes as too powerful, examples are Bart and Logan.


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