Flash: Rebirth #5 Delayed Yet Again

Well, DC’s website shows that Flash: Rebirth #5 has been pushed back another week to November 4 — 10 weeks after #4. Once again, we’re faced with a month without a Flash issue.

Good thing we’ve got that spotlight in The Brave and the Bold #28 coming up, isn’t it?

So far DC hasn’t rescheduled issue #6 again, still listing it with a release date of November 25. I doubt anyone reading this page actually expects it to ship by then.

To be honest, I don’t particularly mind the delays at this point, at least as far as Rebirth itself is concerned. The story will be ready when it’s ready. What does bother me is that it will probably impact other Flash-related comics, particularly:

  • Blackest Night: The Flash (currently scheduled to start December 2)
  • Anything in which Wally West might appear in costume (in order to keep the debut of his new costume in Flash: Rebirth #6

DC hasn’t worried about showing a post-Rebirth Barry Allen while the story’s still unfinished, but then the only thing spoilery is that he survives. Not exactly a surprise for a story called Flash: Rebirth. But a high profile costume redesign? I can see DC holding back on that like they held back on Superboy’s return for Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.

(Thanks to @kukheart for alerting me.)

Update: Now it’s November 18.


24 thoughts on “Flash: Rebirth #5 Delayed Yet Again

  1. Craig MD

    Unbelievable. For a comic book about the fastest man alive, this mini-series has been slow in both execution and shipping. I think most of it has to do with EVS not being a very fast artist. Or maybe they’re giving the artists on the monthly some time to get ahead.

    Either way, I can see the delays hurting the sales on Rebirth and pissing off a lot of people.

  2. Aleclom

    Yeah, the main reason why I really hate these delays is because that means Wally won’t be appearing in anything else, like Blackest Night. Barry mentioned meeting up with him in the latest issue, but with these delays I fear Wally won’t be a part of BN at all.

      1. Kelson Post author

        There was a Johnny Quick story where he did that: wrote, drew, colored, printed and distributed a comic book in 24 hours. It was reprinted in a Flash comic sometime in the 1970s.

  3. disappointed

    Does anyone follow EVS on Facebook? The man seems constantly busy. Busy sending DVDs for autographs, recording musical interludes, ranting about politics… I have to constantly stop myself from telling him to get back to work. That said, I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

    1. Freddie Ray

      The Facebook thing is the tip of the iceberg. This weekend he’s doing a convention in Australia, next weekend he’s in New Zealand, and the following week he’s in Italy. And I assume he has everyone’s blessings, since Geoff and Didio are joining him.

      I’m telling you we won’t see Rebirth #6 until late January.

  4. Perplexio

    If the delay allows Rebirth #5 to be as much of an improvement over Rebirth #4 and Rebirth #4 was over Rebirth #3 then I don’t mind the extra week. Although by delaying #5 it is hurting the momentum that I thought the story had built up in #4 after a rather stagnant first 3 issues.

  5. Perplexio

    I’m also wondering about the resurrection of Bart Allen. When he was brought back in Legion of Three Worlds what age was/is he? The same age he was in Infinite Crisis and thus younger than his former Young Justice counterparts (Tim and Conner) or is he still the same age or close to the same age as Tim & Conner? If that’s the case it seems he’s being drawn a bit too young. He still looks about 15 or 16 in Rebirth but Tim as Red Robin is now being drawn to look about 19 or 20… Shouldn’t Bart be around that same age?

      1. Jesse

        Can anyone actually explain how Bart came back? I thought Superboy’s resurrection was cool, but Bart’s gave me a headache.

        1. Kelson Post author

          Honestly, it’s best not to think about it. Bart’s resurrection was made so much more complicated than it needed to be. Not to mention the contortions gone through to make sure he came from the mainline DC Universe.

  6. Amagoi

    I’m pretty impatient, and i only just ranted about these delays yesterday at the comic shop. I’m just glad EVS isn’t doing the monthly.

    1. Perplexio

      I like EVS’s artwork… but his speed (or lack thereof) is somewhat disconcerting so I share in your relief that Manapul not EVS is doing the Flash ongoing.


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