Quick Thoughts: Weekly Twitter for 2009-11-15

  • Even though I haven’t been bowled over by Flash: Rebirth so far, $13.59 for the hardcover is tempting. #
  • Bought this week: Unwritten, Farscape: D’Argo’s Trial. I’m down to 7 regular books per month now, so 2-book weeks are common. #
  • First thought on Dollhouse cancellation: after only 4 episodes? Then remembered this is Fox. That’s practically generous. #
  • Are there any Blackest Night-related stories titled “Raise the Red Lantern?” #
  • If you get email claiming to be a fix for Conficker from Microsoft, DON’T INSTALL IT. They do NOT send patches by email. #
  • A week with no delays on Flash: Rebirth! #5 is still lined up for Wednesday, and #6 still says Dec. 23. #

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