Quick Thoughts: Weekly Twitter for 2009-11-22 (Flash: Rebirth #5 Week)

Flash: Rebirth

  • Now that we know for sure Flash: Rebirth will arrive Wednesday, people are searching for Flash: Rebirth #6. (Still Dec. 23.) # (Monday)
  • The more I think about it, I’m not sure Wally’s new costume will appear tomorrow. In the middle of a battle? Doesn’t seem like a priority. # (Tuesday)
  • That said, both the classic Kid Flash costume and first appearance of the Speed Force costume were roughly instantaneous, so who knows? #
  • Sometimes, living in the westernmost timezone in the continental US is annoying. My local comic store isn’t even open yet. # (Wednesday)
  • Could be worse. I could be in Alaska or Hawaii. (Not that I’d mind *being* in Hawaii.) Or some other country that has to wait for imports. #
  • OK. Comic store opens at 11, and I’m taking lunch early. I should probably grab a snack for mid-afternoon. #
  • Yes, Flash: Rebirth #5 is really out! Also bought: Farscape, Dr. Horrible. #
  • Another week ends without new delays. Flash: Rebirth #6 is still listed for Dec. 23 on DC’s website. # (Friday)

Movies and TV

  • Listening to Dark City soundtrack while scanning a roll of old photos. Just picked up a photo of the sign for Shell Beach. #
  • New Global Frequency adaptation? Could be cool. The nifty phones (outpaced by the iPhone) were never the point anyway. #
  • The real question is, can they still get Michelle Forbes to play Miranda Zero? #
  • Watching Red Sonja. Why is there Kryptonite in this movie? #
  • Hey look, it’s not-Conan! But I think they filmed a scene for Conan the Destroyer in the same spot. #

Also, check out the Star Wars Band Names meme from Saturday.

Other Stuff

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