Speed Reading: Breathing in Space, the Blur, Casting, EVS vs. Carmine Infantino & More

Batman can breathe in space, but the Flash can't.Comics Alliance has a couple of Flashy items: First, a page from the Shortpacked! coloring book: Batman Can Breathe In Space, But Not The Flash.

Second: they look back at a pair of Baby Ruth commercials from the 1990s, featuring Hawkman and an obvious Flash stand-in called the Blur. They have a video clip of the Blur commercial. Fun fact: The Blur was played by Tim Thomerson, who played Barry Allen’s brother Jay in the pilot episode of the 1990 Flash TV show.

Speaking of the Flash TV series, it makes Comic Book Movie’s list of Top Ten Most Accurate Live Action Superhero Costumes

The Secret of Wednesday’s Haul contrasts Ethan Van Sciver and Carmine Infantino in their approaches to conveying speed.

noscans_daily has a Flash Appreciation Post focusing on the character from the animated Justice League and Justice League Unlimited TV series.

A Trout in the Milk reviews Wednesday Comics and asks the question: “What have we learned?”

InTylerWeTrust82 casts Superman and the Flash, with some interesting choices for the heroes, their supporting casts, and selected villains.

What Were They Thinking? has an example of Golden Age Flashdickery. Jay Garrick was a bit of a prankster in those days…


4 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Breathing in Space, the Blur, Casting, EVS vs. Carmine Infantino & More

  1. Andrew

    I loved noscans_daily’s Flash appreciation post. Yes he is the best hero. :]

    As for EVS’s Flash art, I agree that his characters look a bit too posed and static for a book about speedsters, but his work has other strengths that make up for it. But I am mostly interested to see what Francis Manapul will do with the ongoing.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Only the color scheme and the fact that the trim is 3D instead of dyed into the fabric. Otherwise, there are as many differences between the TV costume and Wally’s new outfit (mask line, eyes, border around the symbol, color of the boots, belt being complete vs. just the sides) as there are between the TV costume and Barry’s classic outfit (mask shape, belt symmetrical instead of straight across, boot color, boot wings).


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