Sonic of Two Worlds

Ralbalboa sent in this scan of a cover from an early Sonic the Hedgehog comic book:

Sonic #9: Seeing Double

(Click to enlarge)

It’s Sonic the Hedgehog #9, cover-dated April, probably from 1994 (GCD says the series started in 1993). And as regular readers here will no doubt notice, it’s a reference to the classic Flash of Two Worlds cover from Flash vol.1 #123 (1961).

There are actually a lot of homages to this cover out there. (Most recently, Flash: Rebirth #5 from last week!) I’ve collected some of the ones in later Flash issues on my Cover Homages page (which I hope to update this weekend), but I’ve seen other variations with characters ranging from Supergirl to Lobo (The “Thrash of Two Worlds,” IIRC)

Ralbalboa originally posted the link in the comments to the previous post, so I’ve moved that part of the comment thread over here using the Move WordPress Comments plugin.


9 thoughts on “Sonic of Two Worlds

    1. Kelson Post author

      That is awesome! The original cover has been homaged a lot, but not always by speedsters!

      I’m going to see if I can move these comments over to a new post showing the cover directly.

  1. fastest

    Wow, blast from the past. I used to read Sonic the Hedgehog back in the day. Back when I didn’t really read comics, but played comics religiously.

    I loved my Sonic Comics, and I forgot all about that issue. I wouldn’t have known about the Flash homage at the time. Thanks for the flashback.

  2. Fiery Vulpine

    In reference to the Flash: Rebirth #5 cover, Sonic the Hedgehog #9 is the first appearance of a Sonic doppelganger (or in this case Pseudo-Sonic) although Scourge (formerly Anti-Sonic) is more of a “Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom” to Sonic’s “Barry Allen”.


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