Batman Ice Cream Truck

Bat Ice Cream Truck

Spotted this last week on my lunch break. Sorry about the image quality: it was backlit, all I had was my phone, and to top it of, my windshield needed to be cleaned. (We’d had one of those rains a few days earlier that drops just enough water to rearrange the dirt, but no more. I got to it after work that day.)


4 thoughts on “Batman Ice Cream Truck

  1. West

    “I’m really not a slob. Seriously.


    Messin’ witcha, KV. I should post some pix of MY windshield and watch the repeated “NHO9’3wop” comment posts as people pass out from sheer horror.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I was wondering about that, but I figured it was just a reference to something I didn’t know. (There’s an awful of that online!)

      And no worries on the ribbing!


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