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Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary

Video game character and Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog turns 20 this year, and his comic book will be celebrating with a special 20th anniversary issue in #225.

Archie Comics’ press release notes that Sonic is “the longest running continuously published licensed comic of all time” and holds the record for the “longest running video game inspired comic.” It’s also the longest running comic book about a speedster not named the Flash. Second place is Impulse at 90 issues (including #1,000,000). (Admittedly, there aren’t many to begin with.)

In fact, since DC has relaunched The Flash several times, Sonic may actually take the #1 spot in a couple of years, measured by number of continuous issues. The current records are:

  • Flash vol.1: 246 issues (#105-350)
  • Flash vol.2: 232 issues (#1-230, #0, #1,000,000)
  • Flash Comics: 104 issues (#1-104)

With #225 coming out this summer, they’re only months away from passing Wally West’s series, and will pass Barry Allen’s just two years from now!

Sonic the Hedgehog #225 hits comic shops on June 1, and newsstands on June 7, 2011.

Speed Reading: Merit Badges, Plush Flash, Sonic Month and More

Some Flashy linkblogging for the weekend…

Fanboy Scouts has launched a series of Merit Badges for Geeks including a Speedster badge, awarded for “the display of any of the following speed-related attributes: Super Speed, Speed Control, Kinetic Energy Manipulation, Infinite Mass Punch, Time Travel or Hyper-Vibration.”

Check out Mark Grambau’s super-hero/super-villain posters.

The Hooded Utilitarian continues reading the Silver Age Flash, this time moving on to the few solo issues.

Sideshow Collectibles has the Flash “As you’ve never seen him before” — as a plush toy! (OK, I have seen Flash plush toys before, but not quite like this one.)

The 1992 Elongated Man miniseries makes CSBG’s Year of Cool Comics.

In other speedster news, First Comics News is making August Sonic the Hedgehog Month.

Sonic of Two Worlds

Ralbalboa sent in this scan of a cover from an early Sonic the Hedgehog comic book:

Sonic #9: Seeing Double

(Click to enlarge)

It’s Sonic the Hedgehog #9, cover-dated April, probably from 1994 (GCD says the series started in 1993). And as regular readers here will no doubt notice, it’s a reference to the classic Flash of Two Worlds cover from Flash vol.1 #123 (1961). Continue reading

Speed Reading: Middle Generation, Sonic, Dark Flash, and More

Some end-of-the-week linkblogging

Collected Editions considers DC’s middle generation and the Nightwing problem — Dick Grayson, Wally West, Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, etc. — and what DC’s future might have in store for them after Superman returns from New Krypton and Bruce Wayne returns from…wherever he is.

Factpile wants to know who would win in a fight: Sonic the Hedgehog vs. the Flash.

The Flash-Back Podcast reviews the “Dark Flash” storyline from the Mark Waid/Brian Augustyn run.

Crimson Lightning has found a photo of people in Flash and Quicksilver costumes at Chicago Comic-Con last week.

Around the Web

DVDs Worth Watching notes that the next DC Animated film (after Superman/Batman: Public Enemies) will be Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. No word on whether it’ll adapt the original “Crisis on Earth-One” and “Crisis on Earth-Two” story or something else entirely.

Here’s a great mock-up of an article by Peter Parker on The Mutant Problem, complete with sidebar photos and profiles. (via Robot6)