Flash in 2010=100% Barry Allen – Kid Flash Series & Wally West Backups Canceled

So…DC’s latest 20 Questions with Dan Didio video has some bad news for fans of the extended Flash family. He answered my question about the Flash and Kid Flash books, explaining that they’ve decided to go back to “the original game plan” and focus on a single Flash book starring Barry Allen.

Wally West’s backup stories, by Geoff Johns & Scott Kolins? “On hold.” [Edit: This may be the result of DC restructuring the second features.]

The Kid Flash book by Sterling Gates? “On hold.”

He goes on to say, “Your Flash fix will be Barry Allen, pure and simple, for 2010.”

Warning: Rant Ahead

Edit: The rest of this post is a rant, bashed out in the heat of the moment immediately after watching that video. If I’d had the sense to wait until I’d cooled down, I wouldn’t have written it.

To clarify what I did write, it’s not just that Barry’s getting the limelight that has me pissed off. I’ve had a year and a half to get used to that. What really has me steamed is that DC announced ongoing stories starring Bart and Wally, then changed their minds and yanked that away.

I picked up Flash: Rebirth hoping that it would convince me to like the idea of new Barry stories. It hasn’t. If it had, this news would have still been disappointing, but wouldn’t have gotten me so angry.

Anyway, onto the original post…

Congratulations, Dan. You’ve just lost yourself a reader.

I’ve been hanging on through Flash: Rebirth hoping I would see something in it that would convince me that I might actually want to read stories with Barry Allen, but I just haven’t seen it. The announcement of backup features starring Wally West gave me something to look forward to. The Kid Flash book starring Bart Allen was something I wanted to read. The lead stories with Barry? I was hoping they’d grow on me.

But you know what? I just don’t care anymore.

Honestly, at this moment, I don’t care about reading the conclusion of Flash: Rebirth. I don’t care about the new series. I don’t care about the Secret Files. It’s even killing my enthusiasm for Blackest Night: The Flash, which I actually liked.

Dangling the Carrot

Barry’s fans have complained about DC “dangling the carrot” of Barry’s return for years and never delivering. You know why I didn’t want Barry to come back? Because I knew that if he did come back, his fans — both inside and outside of DC — wouldn’t be satisfied just to have him back. The DCU would have to be all Barry, all the time. Congratulations, BASHers! You got your wish!

So now DC has dangled the carrot for both Wally West’s and Bart Allen’s fans. We were promised a whole series starring Bart, and a backup feature starring Wally, but both of those projects are “on hold.”

Try it, You’ll Like it!

I’ve given DC a year and a half to make me care about stories starring Barry Allen instead of Wally West. Is that long enough? It’s longer than Bart was the Flash, certainly. And if DC hadn’t announced the Wally West backups and then yanked them away, I would have given them another 6 months. But at this point I have no interest in any new Flash stuff coming out in 2010.

After 4 years of being jerked around, enough is enough. I don’t feel like sticking around another year just in case a character I actually want to read might show up.

I’ll probably finish out the rest of Blackest Night: The Flash. Who knows? Maybe those issues will finally convince me. If they don’t, well…

With Flash as my last DC Universe book, DC may have to rely on Vertigo to get my money next year.

Update: Please see my follow-up post, Cooling Off.


43 thoughts on “Flash in 2010=100% Barry Allen – Kid Flash Series & Wally West Backups Canceled

  1. Lia

    Sorry to hear it, man :\ When I think of #1 Flash fan, I think of you, and if you’re no longer reading then I think DC has made a huge mistake.

  2. TheFlash90

    Seriously? What the hell kinda Flash fan are you? What’s wrong with Barry having some showtime? Wally’s last few years have sucked. I’m fine with Barry, I’d like to get to know him better.

    1. West

      Clearly, you haven’t been paying attention. It should be painfully obvious what kind of Flash fan Kelson is. This site and its accompaniments are the clearest testaments to that.

      The question is, what kind of fan are you? Are you the type who can’t fathom the very possibility that another fan might feel differently than you do about a character, story, or company decision?

      I think you can. I just think this was your knee-jerk response. We all have them.

      But seriously, when you start out by questioning the “fanhood” of a man whose sites have anchored Flash fandom for a decade or more, you’re pissing in the wind. Try again.

      (To Kelson, if this is too harsh, in your estimation, I apologize – to YOU – and understand if you choose to edit or delete.)

      1. TheFlash90

        I know Kelson is a little Wally biased if that’s what you mean. And I love his site. But the bias is really what pisses me off, cuz it’s now to the point where he’s so mad that Wally won’t have a book at the moment he refuses to read Barry’s series….and he runs a site that is supposed to be about ALL things related to The Flash. If this is how he feels maybe he should call it the “Wally blog”, it would be more accurate.

        His argument about giving Barry a chance is bogus. Blackest Night is more GL’s thing than Barry’s, and Flash Rebirth is basiclayy an index, plus he knows about all the delays. What the hell kinda Flash fan refuses to read a book about Barry Allen, by Geoff Johns of all people, Barry, who is THE Flash, the gold standard, Barry, who was Flash longer than anyone, Barry, who is the “definitive Flash” (you know it’s true, what’s Wally ever done that’s been of any significance to the DCU as a whole?), that’s what I’m saying. It’s really quite pathetic.

        I’ve nothing against Wally, I’ve read all his books. Bart too. And Barry is my favorite Flash. So all I’m saying is…if Barry fans could suffer thru Wally for 20 years, I think you guys can tolerate a few Barry stories for a while. It just sounds completely aholeish for someone to say “I won’t read your book, I don’t care how good it is or who is writing it, because it isn’t about my favorite character”.

        “Are you the type who can’t fathom the very possibility that another fan might feel differently than you do about a character, story, or company decision?”

        I think that statement better pertains to Kelson than it does to me, because I’ve read and will continue to read Wally’s stories (good and bad), but Barry is my favorite, and I am glad that he is back. I’m more open minded, no offense meant.

        ” You know why I didn’t want Barry to come back? Because I knew that if he did come back, his fans — both inside and outside of DC — wouldn’t be satisfied just to have him back. The DCU would have to be all Barry, all the time.”

        And why shouldn’t they? That’s what everyone did when he died. i wouldn’t expect the return of THE Flash to be anything less. Long live Barry Allen.

        1. West

          Except Kelson never said that no one else should want Barry to come back. He didn’t call anyone else “aholeish” for wanting their favorite Flash back. He made a reasonable, layered case for why he holds his opinion about the decisions DC has made – decisions which have been made to the exclusion of Wally.

          He and we gave DC a chance to convince us that Barry’s return was going to be of-interest to us. At least in Kelson’s case, they failed – and it took them a long time to do so.

          It’s a 6-issue series that’s taking forever to conclude. I’m not sure why you’d be bothered by someone else becoming fed-up – especially after the ol’ bait n switch that DC pulled.

          I know you consider yourself to be open-minded, but I’d like to respectfully suggest that you prop it open at least a lil bit more.
          .-= West’s latest blog post: Good night, Olivia. Good night, Rose. =-.

        2. West

          And what’s up with this return of “THE” Flash stuff?

          There are plenty of Flashes. Barry’s one of them.

          Like DC, you seem to have forgotten that Jay was the first.

          I’m not saying that’s enough to make one the best, but it’s less debatable than his immediate successor being “THE” Flash.
          .-= West’s latest blog post: Good night, Olivia. Good night, Rose. =-.

        3. Bill

          Y’know, if Kelson’s opinion bugs you so much you can stop visiting his FREE site. Which exists due to him GENEROUSLY volunteering his time.

    2. Kelson Post author

      I’m the kind of Flash fan who wants more out of a comic than just the character’s name on the cover.

      I’m the kind of Flash fan who has spent more than 13 years maintaining an internet resource about the character.

      I’m the kind of Flash fan who gets a kick out of digging up obscure villains from 1967, and an even bigger kick out of seeing them show up in the background of the current book.

      That’s why I’m the kind of Flash fan who spent several years and I don’t know how much money tracking down, reading and indexing every issue of Barry Allen’s series and several dozen issues of Jay Garrick’s.

      I’m the kind of Flash fan who actually gave the Bart Allen run a chance and was pissed off when DC killed him abruptly.

      I’m the kind of Flash fan who would rather watch history move forward than backward, and if that means Bart Allen as the Flash, that makes a heck of a lot more sense than backing up 25 years.

      I’m the kind of Flash fan who found “The Lightning Saga” incredibly boring, no matter who came back at the end, but thought that the middle of Tom Peyer’s run was actually pretty good.

      I’m the kind of Flash fan who has spent the last four years watching DC thrash around like they have no idea what they’re doing with the character, changing plans every six months, catching one or two issues that I genuinely liked here and there among stuff that was just okay.

      I’m the kind of Flash fan who really hoped that Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver on Flash: Rebirth would actually get me interested in seeing Barry Allen in the present-day DC Universe despite my preference for Wally, but hasn’t seen that happen.

      But most importantly, I’m the kind of Flash fan who doesn’t want to keep posting angry rants like this one, which is why if I don’t like the new direction, I should stop reading it.

  3. Erik

    Kelson… I feel for you, Dude. The last DCU book I bought was the first issue of Flash: Rebirth (after picking up Wally`s run in the late 1980s as my first comic book and buying it every month). While it`s nice to see the current stories have found an audience, they`re not for me. And, frankly, they were never intended to be. Which is cool.

    It`s entirely possible (and I`m not flaming here) it is not a matter of DC Comics evolving in a way that you don`t like, but your tastes evolving in a way that no longer corresponds to what`s being offered.

    I can only guess at your frustration and I know I`m not telling you anything you don`t know, but there`s really no use in getting frustrated. Bluntly, it`s hard to get mad at a corporation that needs to make money and maintain identity copyrights and stay edgy and such. I grew up with the Baron-MessnerLoebs-Waid Flash and (aside from, ironically, Karl Kershl`s wicked-awesome Wednesday Comics run featuring Barry) that mode of storytelling has been gone for well over a decade when it comes to a story about a guy that runs fast.

    Anyway, following you on Twitter and this site was my last tether to mainstream superhero company comics; if you`re packing it in, my knowledge of characters I spent decades reading goes too. But I`m OK with that.

    Please know there were lots of lurkers who dug the site. If you`re ever in Toronto, I`ll buy you a beer.

    1. papa zero

      You’re completely right about how silly it is to get so mad about the actions of a corporation in regard to a fictional character. I laugh at myself about it but I have to wonder whether or not their goal had anything to do with making money given the management of the property.

      The frustration for me has more to do with misfires and half delivered / subsequently aborted ideas than divergent taste from the status quo.

  4. neotoma

    Well, I’m not going to be picking up the Flash book if there’s no Wally or Bart.

    I came in with the Waid run, and I liked having multiple speedsters running around the Flash books… all Barry, all the time does nothing for me.

  5. Joe

    I think everything started going downhill when

    They gave Wally kids.
    Cancelled his series and made him disappear.
    Then they aged Bart and made him Flash.
    Then they killed Bart,
    Then they brought back Wally.
    Then they brought back Mark Waid to work on Wally.
    Then they cancelled that series.
    Then they brought back Bart.
    Then they brought back Barry,

    Even if it was planned from the start, it just flowed like they had no idea what to do with the Flash. The way it was executed seemed like they were making knee jerk decisions and failing and backtracking.

    I also gave all those experiments a shot and they all fell short. Since Infinite Crisis in 2005, there has only been ONE good Flash Story and that’s the one in Brave & The Bold by Waid.

    At one point, I myself admitted, ok, I never wanted Barry back but at this point, with the series in shambles… let’s have it. Anything to get this franchise back up and running.

    And yet… they screwed that one up too. His return in Final Crisis was relatively meh. Rebirth has been slow, both as a story and in shipping.

    I agree with Kelson, DC has had way too many chances. The first misstep occurred in 2005 and Flash has been tripping over his feet since then.

    However, as much as I am more of a Wally-phile, my tip to DC is to stop trying to please EVERYONE and just come up with one good damn book. Make Flash exciting again.

    If they want Barry, fine. Then FOCUS. There ARE too many speedsters running around and maybe it’s time to define their roles, even if it means shelving Wally and family. (Wally has proven to be a Family-first kind of father, so it’s not far-fetched for him to try and focus on raising them in the interim.) But give us Wally fans proper closure.

    At this point, I’m hoping 2011 sees a proper FLASH book up and running again going toe-to-toe with Green Lantern, Booster Gold, Rebels, Secret Six, Batman and Superman in quality.

  6. Lee H

    I can only hope that Flash Secret Files 2010 and Flash #1 ends the 5 year run of colossal editorial cock-ups the series has seen.

  7. KC Flash

    I was very disappointed in hearing that we will not be able to read a Bart Allan or Wally West ongoing story line. I absolutely loved Impulse and have the complete Wally West “Flash” run and “Impulse” run so I am heavily invested in time and money in these characters. My first Flash was issue number 268 of the Flash – Barry Allen series, so my dedication has been a long one.

    I think what saddens me so much is the fact that we were told that there would be a Kid Flash book and that Wally would at least have his own “back-up” story. I loved the fact that Max Mercury was back and could even buy into the whole revisiting of the Speed Force concept.

    Being a JSA fan from “back in the day,” I heard that JSA All-Stars would soon have a back-up featuring Liberty Belle and Hourman. Doesn’t Wally at least deserve the same respect since he carried his own book for over 230 issues in his first run, not including the revamp? It really just baffles me…

    Will I continue to purchase the book? I don’t know…I have recently begun to cut down on my monthly purchases but I think it would be terribly hard to see a Flash book on the stands and NOT pick it up, regardless of the current direction.

    Comics will never be the same as when I grew up, with the whole “MEGA EVENT” syndrome and variant craze that is currently going on. It seems like print runs for comics continue to go down and down. However, I believe, with the previous poster, that if DC would just give us a quality book that it would make it. Just tell us stories that are of value and continue to “flesh” out the characters that we care so much for. I would love to continue to support such a book. Don’t try to be “cool,” just tell a great story. It worked pretty well for Shakespeare and Faulkner didn’t it?

    Keldon, your site has been the premier source for information regarding our favorite characters so it is my hope that you will continue on with us to see what lies in store for the Flash. On the flip side, sometimes it is just time to walk away if your interests are elsewhere. Regardless, your time spent on developing this site has definitely been appreciated.

  8. David

    I feel your pain, though I am excited to read barry again I liked wally a lot and I loved the impulse comic. Flash is the only comic I will never drop no matter how bad it might be but as protest I am thinking of cutting back on dc till they start to get it right. I will only read flash and green lantern. This may seem like a empty threat but if I did this dc would lose about $140 from just the one reader. I am really upset on the way they have handled the flash since rouge wars.

  9. Jeff

    wtfffffffffffffffffff argh what? ARGH.

    Bart is the reason I started reading DC in the first place, and for most intents and purposes he’s been dead since Infinite Crisis- throw me a bone, DC, ffs I grew up with this freaking character. It’s not like feeding us a line about Bart and Wally then farting and laughing is gonna suddenly make everyone care about our dad’s Flash.

    Apparently I’ll be sticking with stinking fucking X-men and Incredible Herc until I get news of Wally or Bart off the internet. 2011, I guess?
    Well, thanks for heads up, anyway, Dan. Jesus Christ.

  10. West

    I love this post, although I’m mighty sorry it was necessary. Way to hang in there. Maybe a break, even an extended break, will be just what the four-color doctor ordered.

    I’ve distanced myself just enough to remain curious, but scarcely invested. This is bothersome but my f-it moment has been spread over several years and several creative failings on DC’s part.

    So, I feel you. Just know that there’s a lil sunshine on the other side.

    Or not. Thanks, man. And good luck.
    .-= West’s latest blog post: My First Time =-.

  11. Flynn Cook

    I’m shocked. I mean, I’m a hardcore Barry fan (despite my youth, Wally never “hooked” me like he did others my age), but this is just dumb and unnecessary. So Dan’s plan to is completely ostracize Flash fans by cutting the Flash who’s most popular at this point? Barry hasn’t been popular since before he died, for God’s sake! From what I figure, everyone’s against Barry’s return. So by all means, lets get rid of the last of our major Flash reading force by cutting the one they love! Jeez!

    Is it so hard to have the main book each month (“The Flash”), and a 2nd book each month (“All Flash Monthly” or something…) that gives the spotlight to Wally, Bart and Jay (with supporting appearances from other speedsters)? It is THAT hard?

    Honestly, what’s the friggin’ motivation to do this? It blows my mind!

    1. Ben

      Possibly the economy or the restructuring at DC. Heck I might be right about it being like Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps situation, where Green Lantern Corps came several months to a year after the latest volume of Green Lantern.

  12. sixtyplus

    Perhaps I am one of the oldest fans of the Flash following this site. That doesn’t make my opinion any more valid than the next, but does give me an advantage of seeing how things have changed over the years.
    DC has a problem with commitment, plain and simple. Whether it’s a marriage or a comic book, when things arent working well, many view a radical change as the solution to their problems. But some things take time and patience to improve.
    At the age of thirteen, I was the only kid I knew who had a subscription to Flash. That was near the beginning of Barry Allen. Time went by, and my interest moved on to other things.
    Fast forward many years and I again became interested in comics. But the new Flash was foreign to me. I began collecting back issues of Wally West, and in time the stories got better, as did the artwork.
    Multiplying the number of speedsters was another radical change to spike the numbers. The Flash was no longer unique. The stories required that you be a well heeled reader to keep up with the characters. This leaves the casual and new reader puzzled.
    DC needs to both keep existing readers and cultivate new ones. This can be done by simplifying the Flash and those in his universe. Strung out story arcs (a la Rebirth) and crossovers do not help the situation.
    As to which Flash that will be, that is of less importance to me. I loved Barry, and grew fond of Wally.
    At first I had a built in resistance to Wally. He was not the “real” Flash.
    Now, those of you who grew up on Wally probably have that same built in resistance to Barry.
    It is not the character, but the story that drives the magazine.
    Give it a chance!
    Reread the first six issues of Wally West to put things in perspective. They were lacking in a big way. In time they did improve.
    It may take some time to “flesh out” a new Barry Allen.
    Let’s hope DC doesn’t continue to yank the chain on the Flash every time there is a dip in sales.

  13. Ben

    I am sticking with the Flash franchise, because I just want at least one Flash Centered book around. I do think this is a bad move on DC’s part, but I think they are making sure that one book can hold it’s own, before expanding like they did with Green Lantern. They may have been talking for years about the next step in the Flash franchise, but I still doubt the plan was always in place idea. Kelson are you going to keep updating The Flash Those Who Ride Site, or just update this blog and maintain the former site.

  14. Jesse

    This is awful … I never was a Barry fan; it was Wally who got me into comics in the first place, 20 years ago. Who are these Barry fans demanding his return anyway? The three or four oldest editors at DC? Wasn’t Barry’s series canceled in 1987 because it wasn’t selling well and he wasn’t popular?

    And as for being the “real” Flash, keep in mind that if you count his time as Kid Flash, Wally has been a speedster MUCH LONGER and starred in MANY more comics than Barry.

    1. Flynn Cook

      See, I don’t get the distaste for Barry that Wally fans have, really. For my money, all can co-exist. Where I disagree is in the idea that one MUST overshadow the other, such as Barry getting all the glory now that he’s back and Wally dropping off the map. That’s not fair.

      Wally has earned his status as the Flash. And it annoys me that the return of my fave will instantly divide the fanbase because of DC’s stupidity. And a whole generation has grown up with Wally as their Flash… A generation that’s still reading comics. I’m sure 60/70% of Barry’s generation no longer reads comics. Bad move, DC.

      Although, I must express my dislike for snooty Wally fans that hate Barry and his fanbase. It’s not like he didn’t earn a fanbase. I don’t catch many Barry fans going on-and-on about how “Wally’s time is done” and things similar to the internet’s anti-Barry sentiment.

      I dunno, why the split? Is it because Wally just speaks to a younger generation (the one that’s now reading comics)? Is Barry really that “old fashioned”? And if so, then why is it that he attracted me, a 22 year old, more than Wally (the Flash of my generation) did?

      1. Kelson Post author

        No, you don’t catch Barry fans saying “Wally’s time is done” — you see them saying, like TheFlash90 up there, that Wally isn’t the real Flash.

        1. Jesse

          Yeah, I’ll never say that Barry isn’t the real Flash; I just don’t want Barry fans saying Wally isn’t the real Flash.

          I didn’t see the point of bringing Barry back, but now that he is, I would have been happy for all to co-exist too.


          But to barry fans out there: I did read the last ~50 issues of his series, which I enjoyed, but I have to say that Geoff Johns’ characterization so far doesn’t seem like that Barry. Is that just me?

          1. Ben

            In Blackest Night, the main series, it is close. So far Johns is not doing that good at getting Barry’s real persona of a “slow” guy that loves to run and looked up to Jay from reading about his adventures.

        2. Flynn Cook

          Agreed. That’s bullshit from a total fanboy-idiot.

          One of the things I loved about the Flash books was that there was no f’n squabbling amongst the fanbase. How could there be? Only one monthy book all those years, one “flash” at a time, no “different interpretations” like Batman (what with its Burton vs. Nolan stuff).

          I’m a huge Batman fan, but ever since Christopher Nolan’s films came into the picture and ignited a fan war, my ferver for Batman fandom has dwindled, yet as I branched out and discovered more of the DC universe, my love for the Flash grew. Less of a pain-in-the-ass fanbase to deal with. Straightforward continuity, good stuff.

          But now this happens. My favorite Flash, the one I consider to be the Flash, comes back, and now it’s fan-against-fan. Did this exist before Barry returned? Geez!

          The anti-Barry snobs suck, and people like Flash90 suck. Any fanboy that walks around acting like their opinions are more “right” suck ass. People like them make fandom hard to be a part of. “Suffer” through Wally for 20 years? If you don’t like it, don’t read it, Good God!

          I loved the idea of seeing Barry return… but if this is all it’s brought, maybe he was better left dead. Barry had some brilliant exit stories (The Trial and Crisis being the ones that, along with the TV show, are what made me a Barry fan), and his legacy was cemented. But now it’s been tarnished by fanboys who hate him simply because he’s “old.” But likewise, Wally has EARNED his title and doesn’t deserve to be cast-aside. This fanboy squabbling wouldn’t be happening if DC was just going to give them both equal share of the spotlight. There’s nothing to be gained by DC flipping the bird to Wally’s fans. And though Barry may be MY Flash, I like Wally well enough and will be starting to read his run as the Flash soon so I can get hooked into him, too.

          Becuase for me, it’s fiction, so I’m not going to play “snob.” I see no reason why a fictional character like Wally has to earn my scorn because I like his predecessor more. That’s childish. But then, this is comic fandom, ain’t it?

  15. kukheart

    this sucks, i may give flash an issue or two to see if i like it, if i dont then im out too, wallys new costume is awesome, too bad we will hardly ever see it

  16. CM22

    I have no problem with the fact that Barry is back really. I’ve always said that you can bring someone back from the dead as long as you can tell a better story than their death story, and I feel like the way Grant Morrison used Barry in FC showed us that he very well could be part of a better story. So far nothing Geoff has done with him has been that better story, but even then whatever. The potential is there.

    I’m not going to be buying the Flash book. And it isn’t because Barry’s the focus of it. It’s because Wally isn’t in it. I was entirely ready to fork over 4 bucks for 8-10 pages of Wally West (even Wally West in a new costume that I don’t like). None of my 4 dollars was going to be for Barry, and it won’t.
    To address a few points that weren’t made at me:

    Yes, it is about what story is being told. But, in good writing, the way the story is told is driven by how the characters act, which ultimately means that the character staring in it is the most important part (at least to me). I mean a lot of my favorite issues of comics are dialog heavy issues where no action happens (Therapy issues of X-factor. Flash 32, Most of Starman). Don’t get me wrong, The Flash racing his imaginary friend in a race across space and time for the fate of humanity is a cool plot but the moments I ALWAYS go to from that arc are Wally wanting to give up then being told by Jay that he’ll “die saving the universe like Barry if you have to” and getting up and running, and all of the interactions with Linda. And flat out, you can’t do those with Barry. At all. He’s a different character (though it looks like Geoff is taking the “anchor” bit form Wally/Linda and heavily entrenching it to Barry/Iris, none the less). I have no doubt that Geoff will write interesting plots, he’s just going to do it with a character that isn’t interesting to me. So why would I read that?

    I also don’t buy that Flash: Rebirth is “indexized” or anything like that. I mean flat out the purpose of this series is to entice readers to buy the Flash. Even more so than Green Lantern rebirth, there was no need in this case to bring Barry back because he was already back. The only purpose of the mini was to go ahead and Flesh out Barry Allen and introduce him to “a new generation” (as Didio likes to say). And They’ve had 5 issues so far that haven’t done it for me. Plus, as much as you can say Blackest Night is “for” the GL’s, Barry was the star of all of issue 4 and most of issue 5. Not to mention sharing the spotlight in an entire issue of the Green Lantern title. Realistically Barry’s been in a good 10 or so issues so far, and there isn’t anything there that makes me want to read the book.

    For the Barry fans, I think that’s great that you have a book to look forward to. As a Wally fan, (and a huge Bart fan, I was just rereading Impulse LAST NIGHT) I’ve got nothing to look forward to. And I really feel like this is a purposeful directional move by DC. Now i’m not saying it’s a vendetta against me, but all of the heroes of “my” generation, who I like and are my favorites have for the mast part had bad years. Are being killed, mutilated, or worse shoved off into obscurity. I think trying to introduce a new fanbase to an old character is a great move, but not at the expense of another character that already has a base. I know it sounds melodramatic and people say it all the time, but this is honestly the move that is making me consider dropping DC comics (aside from Vertigo). I just don’t feel like they’re writing books for me, that appeal to me anymore.

  17. papa zero


    I’m a Barry fan – and I’m pissed. Kelson should be pissed. My rage, however, has absolutely nothing to do with who should be Flash. I’ve never wanted to see Wally fade away, I’ve never wanted anyone to be an alpha at the expense of anyone else. I don’t begrudge anyone else’s fear at losing the character they know and love but…

    The fact is that DC has been completely off the rails with The Flash for sometime now and it is evident that they are still aimless in any plan for the sake of the characters or the fans. It’s as if they are looking to burn it down with the choices they’ve made – or neglected to make. Why would they perpetually generate so much fear and frustration with the franchise for so long?

    They certainly seemed invested with the rollout of Rebirth and with that I got the notion that The Flash was going to be catapulted to the forefront of the DC universe. I was convinced that they might even pull off a movie. So where did the enthusiasm go? They’re pulling the plug on Wally and Bart now??? The only conceivable reason I can see that they would do this is because Rebirth didn’t perform the way DC had hoped. Maybe I’m completely offbase… but if Rebirth sales and reaction are the cause then we’re left examining why it didn’t perform as they anticipated. And thinking about that just pisses me off more.

    I had no warning or online voice to vent over the loss of Barry during Crisis – and I sympathize with those who prefer Bart or Wally but at least at that time DC took direction with Wally. In my view we now lose Wally, Bart, AND get an unrecognizeable character in place of Barry.

    Keep Barry dead. Or keep Wally in the speedforce. Or keep Bart dead. Whatever… but stop aimlessly running it into the ground.

  18. Amagoi

    Should have known that the news on Rebirth was probably good news before this bad one. I’m a Wally fanboy, I’ll get that out there. Wally got me to love comic books again, and more importantly love the Flash more than any of the characters I grew up loving as a child, such as Batman or Spiderman.

    Despite that, I was willing to try out Barry despite my apprehension and nervousness over Wally’s role now that Barry was back. When Geoff and others said that Wally wasn’t going anywhere, I believed it. The Wally co-feature was a HUGE incentive for me to get the Flash ongoing.

    With all my frustrations with Rebirth and DC’s handling of the character, I’ve really lost my enthusiasm for buying those comics or comics in general – as the ones I’ve been putting aside money and saving for were to tide me over until the Flash ongoing.

    I still want to see if Geoff can pick up some momentum and make the Flash book just as good as Green Lantern, but I have my doubts and will be more conversative and careful on if I’ll buy it.

    Bad move DC, very bad move. I just hope you notice the reaction and try to change that plan.

  19. Perplexio

    I got into The Flash because of the short-lived CBS series. I was a little annoyed when I went to pick up a Flash comic that the Flash in the comics was Wally West, NOT Barry Allen (that was around issue #29 or #30 of Barry’s run). I went back and collected a few of the issues from Barry’s run. But I stuck by Wally and at issue #50 Wally started to win me over. By the Return of Barry Allen story I was hooked.

    Ever since I’ve preferred Wally over Barry. The other thing about Barry was that I still respected him, the guy gave his life, that meant something. Maybe it’s just me, but bringing him back kind of diminished that sacrifice.

    I kind of like what Rebirth is doing even if I’m not a fan of the pace at which it’s happening. I’m willing to give Barry a chance, but I’m hoping that DC does eventually give Wally more of its energies in the future. Maybe rather than a Kid Flash comic or a mini-feature with Wally there will be a 2nd comic featuring the rest of the Flash family after Barry is “re-established.” They could call it “Speed Force” or something of the sort. And each issue could have a sub-feature and rotate different members of the extended Flash family through the sub-feature. So some issues would have Wally in the sub-feature, others would have Bart, and heck even some could have Jay or Irey.

    Ideally though I would like to see Bart get his own comic down the road with a sub-feature featuring Iris/Impulse. And honestly I’d like to see that even more than a Wally sub-feature. As much as I love Wally, between Waid, Johns, Messner-Loebs, etc. etc. he’s been put through his paces. What more can DC do to him, really?! Maybe it’s time to let him catch his breath so to speak. I may prefer him over Barry and may think he still has an ocassional story in him, but I don’t know that he has enough for an ongoing sub-feature without it becoming stale. And given the mess DC has made of the Flash since initially ending Wally’s run, it’s been one misstep after another. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. If Wally doesn’t have his own sub-feature that means they can’t mess up his character any more than they already have. But hopefully DC will give us SOME resolution and not leave it as open-ended and arbitrary as they did when they made Bart the Flash. I think Bart’s run as Flash would have been much more successful had DC done a passing of the torch storyline. But that’s the coulda/woulda/shouldas.

    Luckily this is a Flash blog, if it were Batman… well don’t even get me started on what DC is doing there. I love Dick as Batman and I’m quite annoyed that they’re planning on bringing back Bruce as soon as they are. Oh well.

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