Street of the Green Lantern

The city of Dana Point, California has a Green Lantern Street. I’ve always thought there should be a comic store on there, but I don’t think there’s really room for one.

Sign: Street of the Green Lantern

Actually, Dana Point has a whole bunch of “Street of the ___ Lantern” names dating back to the 1920s, the biggest one being Street of the Golden Lantern. I never really thought about the rest of them in super-hero terms, but of course Blackest Night brings a while new set of X Lantern Corps.

I was in Dana Point a few weeks ago for a company Christmas party, and while driving back the next day, decided that “someday” I should drive around getting pictures of all the relevant Lantern streets. I mentioned this to my wife, who said, “No time like the present!” So, armed with the Thomas Bros. map of Orange County, we drove up and down Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) looking for all the Corps-appropriate lanterns we could find.

More photos after the cut!

Blue Lantern: Hope

Street sign: Blue Lantern

Blue Lantern St. is (appropriately) right next to Green Lantern, and seems to be one of the larger streets. There’s actually a Blue Lantern Plaza.

Violet Lantern: Love

Street Sign: Violet Lantern

The next easy one to spot was Street of the Violet Lantern. Fun fact: I kept typing “Violent Lantern” and correcting myself. Yeah, the Star Sapphires aren’t exactly pacifists, but I’m pretty sure the most violent corps would be the Red Lanterns…

After these three, we ran out of standard color names and had to find corresponding colors.

Golden (Yellow) Lantern: Fear

Golden Lantern makes a decent match for yellow, though I suspect Sinestro would rather destroy a tiny seaside town than live there.

Ruby (Red) Lantern: Rage

We actually missed Ruby Lantern on our first pass because it’s such a small street, but once we looked at the map, it was easy to find. Somehow “ruby” doesn’t say “rage,” though.

Amber (Orange) Lantern: Greed

Okay, this one’s probably reaching a bit. At least “amber and avarice” alliterates.

Missing Lanterns

Sadly, there was no sign of an Indigo Lantern or Black Lantern, though the map did show an “Indigo Way” up in the hills. The only other color-themed names we spotted were Copper Lantern and Silver Lantern (clearly to go along with Golden Lantern). Then it went into locations, like Starboard Lantern, Park Lantern, Terrace Lantern, etc.

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7 thoughts on “Street of the Green Lantern

  1. Lia

    Haha, that’s awesome!

    There’s actually a Roscoe Dillon Road in Franklinton Louisiana, which brings me no end of lulz.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Roscoe Dillion Road! I like it.

      I wonder how many of Flash (or other comic book) characters’ names could be found in place names? I’ll admit to being more amused than I probably should be at an apartment complex called “Park West.”

      1. Lia

        A few blocks from my house, there’s an intersection of Allen and Westmount…but that’s kind of stretching it 🙂 I do refer to the street as “Barry Allen Avenue”, though…

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