Flash: Rebirth #6 in February?

The Flash: Reschedule saga continues, but this time with some potentially good news. While DC’s website still lists a March 24, 2010 release date for Flash: Rebirth #6, Diamond Comics has posted on their shipping updates page that the title will appear on February 24, 2010. Still later than the January 27 date we had before, and still arriving after Blackest Night: The Flash wraps (though by only a week!), but much more reasonable than the 4-month gap between issues previously announced.

Thanks to PyroTwilight at Comic Bloc for the news!


3 thoughts on “Flash: Rebirth #6 in February?

  1. Victor

    I’m sorry, but I still think that a three month wait in between issues is waaaaay toooo muuuuuuuch!!!!!

    I know Van Sciver is taking most of the blame for all this but let’s be realistic, if he couldn’t do the monthly schedule DC shoulda done an Infinite Crisis typwe solution and gotten someone else to finish the run.

    It’s inconceivable to me how the big two still feel they can pull this kind of crap on the consumers. If you say you’re gonna publish on a monthly schedule, then by god you better put up or shut up. All these late bookings and rescheduling issues just turn the consumer even more skeptical. I even know a few people that aren’t even going to finish buying the mini just because they are so fed up with the scheduling conflicts.

    DC should know better, didn’t they learn anything from their Final Crisis fiasco?


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