Geoff Johns on the Nature of the Speed Force

Last Monday, CBR posted a new installment of Geoff Johns Prime, their occasional question-and-answer feature with the writer.

Responding to a question about the new costumes introduced in Flash: Rebirth #5, he talked about the “Emergency Stop” story by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar and how it provided “the first inkling that the Speed Force was more than just gasoline.”

I always thought of the Speed Force as if it were this layer, kind of like the fluid in your joints that allows your bones to move together, and if you think of that as the Speed Force, it’s this fluid between the now and the time stream. It allows the two to co-exist, because the way time exists, it’s not just a line, it’s a sphere. So that fluid coats that sphere and the sphere is the Speed Force. And that sphere touches all reality and it’s full of everything, it’s full of ultimate speed, moving through reality, because time is all relative and it’s full of all scientific knowledge. It’s all knowledge of all eras.

Johns answered several other questions about the Flash, confirming that the Rogues will be heavily involved in the new series (no surprise there) and that their tailor, Paul Gambi, will return.

Another item I found interesting is that the price was a major factor in the decision to scrap the backup stories they had previously announced.

There’s more there about the Flash, plus he answers questions about Blackest Night, Earth One, Smallville and more.


3 thoughts on “Geoff Johns on the Nature of the Speed Force

  1. Hyperion09

    At the end of your run on “The Flash” Vol. 2, we see Captain Boomerang dropped into the future during The Flash/Reverse Flash battle, and we also have the re-animated Captain Boomerang telling Ashley Zolomon that Owen’s mother is Meloni Thawne; thus making Bart Allen the half-brother of Owen Mercer/Harkness. Has this been touched upon at all, and if not, will this be an eventual topic in your new run on “The Flash?

    I actually want to see Bart explore his family tree – in particular, the Thawne heritage. I love the fact that he basically takes it in stride and doesn’t angst over it, but I’m a bit of a sucker for family drama.

    Please tell me I’m not alone in this…

    1. I.Strange

      I think there’s epic potential for family drama. Already we have the centuries-spanning Allen/Thawne feud. Add to that a Wally West lineage (already begun), a Tyler-Quick corporate empire, a spiritual “Cult of Mercury” perhaps… and we’re off to the races.


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