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My name is Karl and I will be helping Kelson around here. I have been collecting comics since 1984 and have been a fan of the flash for the last 19 years. I fell in love with the book with issue #72 and have a complete run of the Wally series (one of my most prized collections).

I suppose my passion for the flash comes from my love of the character and the fact that Mark Waid took a group of supporting characters and created a family around Wally and in Wally created a character that matured and became in my opinion one of the greatest super heroes in the last twenty years.

I have been a fan of what Geoff Johns has done with the character and am waiting to see where Barry, Wally and Bart go from here.

I am really quite honoured to be contributing on a site and being part of a community that Kelson has worked hard to create, I will be contributing in various ways and hope to get to know all of you and look forward to being a part of this site.


PS my favourite flash villain is Dr Alchemy. Give you two guesses why.


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  1. Mark Engblom

    Never heard Dr. A as anyone’s favorite Rogue….but that’s cool! He’s got a great backstory….which will hopefully be explored in future Flash issues (since Mr. E/Dr. A have lead a fairly low profile during the Wally years).

  2. Simon


    I’m from Argentina, so forgive me if my english sounds (or reads) a little rough (cave man style).

    I don’t know why I pick this message to post for the first time here. I’ve been follow this blog and “Those who ride the lightning” for almost five years. Specially since the beggining of 2005.

    My first attempt was when Kelson post that DC decided to put all The Flash project but Barry Allen’s series on hold.

    Man, I was pissed.

    Well, let`s cut to the point. Karl has written that he “fell in love with the book” on issue #72. And as I thought, that’s the episode when Doc Alchemy appear to turn Wally in a gold statue.

    Is that the only reason? I have no idea… but luckily it would help.

    Personally, my favorite appearance of Dr. Alchemist occur on the year one annual. When he discovered that he is not fighting The Flash he use to know but an impostor (this story take place right after Crisis on infinite Earths… or sort of… because Hal Jordan is full active). So he use the philosofer’s stone to strip the impostor’s suit, revealing teenager Wally West behind the mask of the fastest man alive (not so much those days, though) =P

    So, according to my interpretation of the facts, Alchemy is the one resposible for one of the most original aspects of Wally West: He had no secret identity (Yes, now he has again)

    Wow! It have been exited. One last word: The Flash V.2 nÂș1 was my first comic ever.

    Funny fact: The tittle was not The Flash. Because an issue of copyright, here in Argentina the tittle was switched for “Flushman”.

    I expect to see more of Speed Force and Those who ride the lightning.

    Hi everyone.

  3. Perplexio

    Cheers Karl! I look forward to reading your contributions to Speed Force. I got into The Flash because of the early 90s TV series. I started collecting at some point around Flash v.2 #30 or so. And initially I was miffed that Barry was dead and Wally was The Flash. I felt like I’d missed something. But starting with Flash v.2 #50 (where Vandal Savage “killed” Wally” and Kilg%re “resurrected” him, it was also the first appearance of the “shiny” costume) Wally really started to win me over. And finally by the [i]Return of Barry Allen[/i] story I was totally won over (Barry Who?!?) I’ve not gone back to fill in all of the gaps in my Flash collection but I did pick up a few notable titles like Crisis #8, New Teen Titans #39 (when Wally quit as Kid Flash and Dick Grayson quit as Robin, still one of my favorite comic covers), Flash v. 1 #324 (Death of Prof. Zoom), #350 (final issue of Barry’s ongoing).

    I’m hoping that Thad Thawne/Kid Zoom/Inertia gets resurrected as he’d make a great rogue sidekick for the resurrected Eobard Thawne. I prever Hunter Zolomon’s Zoom to Eobard Thawne’s Zoom. Zolomon has a much much better back-story and his motivations seem a bit more believable than Thawne’s (although Mark Waid introducing the Thawne/Allen feud certainly gave a lot more meat to Thawne’s backstory than it prior to Flash #324).

  4. ANorris1

    Congratulations on being chosen to contribute to the site! You sound passionate and knowledgeable…both good traits!

  5. Jess

    Great for Kelson to have some help.
    I only recently got into the flash, but have read all the way up to #184 of Vol 2. Didn’t bother reading vol 1, because I always knew I would prefer Wally, but I do have Vol 1 availible to me if I wanted to read it.
    I got into the flash from the JLA cartoon series actually, flash was my fav with his sense of humour, casual way about him and the way he helped everyone.
    Kelson’s sites helped to fuel the fire. I’ve had to take a little break from reading comics though, so I can plan my wedding, but I’m gradually starting to read them again!
    I’m sure you feel really great being able to contribute to such a wonderful website! I would love to work on a site such as this, because its just a really great way to help other people who want to get into comics. Flash is the best place to start IMO.

  6. Joe

    Welcome to the force, Karl! Love that you chose Doc Alchemy. He’s one of my favorite rogues as well and I keep wishing SOMEONE makes an action figure of the dude already.

    I loved Johns’ treatment of the guy and wished he had more opportunities to write him.


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