Last Year’s Resolutions (2009)

Happy New Year, everyone!

A year ago, I posted a list of comic book resolutions. Let’s see how I did in 2009:

1. Only follow books that I like, and skip the ones that are just “important.”

Success! The only book that I picked up solely for “importance” was Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, which was a holdover from the previous year.

2. Read through my backlog of unread comics and graphic novels.

Not so great. I caught up on a few, but I’ve been getting behind even on new comics. At least it’s helped me figure out which books I really want to read.

3. Keep up with properly boxing new comics, instead of letting them pile up for months.

Success (mostly). Once I admitted to myself that yes, I needed another long box, I got things under control. I do have a small pile sitting on top of the boxes, but those are new comics from the last month that I still need to read.

4. Go through my collection looking for stuff I don’t want anymore and actually get rid of it.

Failed. I was convinced that if I got on this, I wouldn’t need the new long box, but I never quite got around to it.

5. Not let myself get caught up too much in flamewars.

Success for 51 weeks…and then there was last week. Oops.

6. Update Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning more often.

Failed. I’ve kept up with time-critical updates, like upcoming comics and variant covers, but haven’t had the time to really go in and give it the overhaul it needs. Mostly because I’ve been spending it on the blog instead.

Stay tuned for this year’s resolutions!


6 thoughts on “Last Year’s Resolutions (2009)

  1. Andrew

    Not bad really. Don’t be too hard on yourself for what you couldn’t get done (and last weeks thing was all too human and understandable in my opinion).

    Hope you have a Happy New Year too.

  2. Kid Chameleon

    That last resolution seems moot. You didn’t really need to update the actual site since nothing really changed, except the dates of the upcoming issues. I’m dropping Flash: Rebirth right before the final issue because, like you, I just don’t care anymore. I doubt I’ll pick it back up unless we get a Kyle Rayner, Wally comes back (and is done right) or Jay or Bart is done well (I would honestly like to see Jay taking over).

    1. Kelson Post author

      True, there wasn’t a whole lot of new stuff that was definitely going to stick around, but I’ve got a huge backlog of updates I want to make. I never even finished, for instance, profiling Spin from Tom Peyer’s 2008 arc. It’s just a picture and a stub. Not to mention cleaning up some of the scans a bit better, or in some cases replacing them. The image I have for Barry is classic, but it doesn’t really reflect how he looks in today’s comics.

  3. kukheart

    ok, so what does everyone do with their floppy issues once they buy the hardback GN or TPB? Keep them? Store? Give away? I have 2 long boxes and 2 short boxes, probably 1/4 of that I have in hardcover or tpb.

    1. West

      It depends on the story. The ones that truly warm my geeky lil heart, I can’t bear to part with. The rest I sell or forget about.

    2. Kelson Post author

      If I’ve bought the floppies, I usually don’t buy the trade, but on occasions that I do, it depends. In some cases I’ll keep them, and in others I’ll try to sell them off. I’m not sure what makes me decide either way, though if I started buying a series in trades and moved to the monthly books, I’m more likely to treat the floppies as temporary, and if I have a large collection of a series in floppies, I’m more likely to keep the ones that are duplicated by trades.


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