Fast Art: Noah Van Sciver, Jamal Igle & Alternate Avengers

Noah Van Sciver, younger brother of artist Ethan Van Sciver, reinterprets Flash: Rebirth #3 at Covered (via Comics Alliance). The alternative comics artist was reinterpreting each issue of the miniseries in a single comic strip for Wizard Universe, and got through issue #4 before the site shut down.

Jamal Igle draws the Flash for the upcoming ComiConn. It’s a really nice piece! (via Comic Verso)

And some fun fan art: The Weekly Crisis has some “rejected” Avengers for the new line-up in “I Am An Avenger, Too!” featuring everyone from Beta Ray Bill to…Optimus Prime?

Noah Van Sciver Covers Flash: Rebirth #3 Jamal Igle Flash Optimus Prime: I Am An Avenger Too


4 thoughts on “Fast Art: Noah Van Sciver, Jamal Igle & Alternate Avengers

    1. Hyperion09

      I saw that thread last night (someone started mass-posting Top images about halfway through) but I don’t think I saw that image…you happen to have it, by any chance?

      1. Lia

        LOL, that was me who posted all the Top scans last night :> Actually, this pic was from a different thread about a week ago, but I saved it and here it is:

        Don’t know who made it, it was someone posting anonymously. There are actually a surprising number of Top fans at 4chan, which warms the cockles of my heart.


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