Strange Searches

The top search terms lately have been variations on the following:

  • Flash Rebirth 6
  • Blue Lantern Flash
  • Wally West new costume
  • Speed Force

But then there are the search terms at the bottom of the list…the weird ones that make you wonder either, “What was this person thinking?” or “How the heck did that term bring someone here?”

is final crisis canon or not? – Why wouldn’t it be?

is there a way to smoke speed – Umm… I don’t know. In fact, I don’t want to know.

can you name that dc character – You know, the who suffered a severe childhood trauma involving the loss of a parent, and everything in their past seems to be related to the costume gimmick or powers? Yeah, that one!

full episodes of Bones – I think you reached the wrong site.

kill the beatniks – I can blame Tom Peyer for this one.

batman/wally west romance fanfic – I’m sure it’s out there (and probably more than there used to be, now that Dick Grayson is Batman), but I have no idea how they landed here.

irredeemable comic reading order – Seriously, there’s, what, 10 issues out, and they’re numbered sequentially. Why is there a question here?

colour of ww1 brodie helmets in green – Umm…I’m going to go with green.

wally west’s hair – Umm… it’s red.

what’s the last bus to leave golden lantern and hidden hills – I don’t know, but you’d better not miss it.

where to buy batman ice cream – Is there such a thing? I’ve heard of Superman ice cream, but Batman?

flash gordon super speed – *sigh* – He doesn’t have it. I hope you learned something today.


13 thoughts on “Strange Searches

    1. Hyperion09

      As it is with all slash, IMO. I don’t care about your real-life orientation (I am asexual), but I really don’t want to see it online with fictional characters that I like.

      1. Kelson Post author

        FWIW, most of the people who read and write slash are heterosexual women.

        As far as not wanting to see it? I solve that problem by just not reading it.

        1. Hyperion09

          I’m an avid fanfic reader, but unfortunately half the fics that even exist online are slash-romance, so it’s getting quite hard to avoid (I’m not a fan of the romance genre in general).

  1. Zach Adams

    Huh. “Superman Ice Cream” is very different from what I would have expected. In the 80s there were a variety of licensed ice creams that were basically oddly-shaped sherbet popsicles. Kind of soft, usually fruit-flavored and unlike anything I’ve had since (I remember Pac-Man and TMNT most vividly).

  2. Mason

    Perhaps we are parsing the next-to-last searcher’s meaning incorrectly. Perhaps he’s wondering “Where to buy Batman ice cream?” rather than “Batman Ice Cream.” Clearly, he thinks Batman needs a yummy treat to help him get over the pain of his parents being dead.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Not to worry; you’re in the clear. I have posted about the BOOM! series from time to time, and running the search through Google turns up this post at #3. (A couple of “Speed Reading” items show up in the similar posts list.)

      I still can’t figure out why someone needs to know the reading order of a relatively new, stand-alone series with numbers on the front of every issue, though!


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