Update: Crisis on Two Earths

I finally watched Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths this week. It was entertaining, though I can’t help but think it would have worked better if they’d kept it in DCAU continuity, instead of the weird DCAU/DCU hybrid it ended up being. Lots of fun character spotting, and Owlman & Superwoman basically made the movie.

I’ve updated the Animated Flash (since this one is virtually identical to the Justice League Unlimited version) and added a profile on yet another Johnny Quick. Tomorrow the disc goes back to Netflix.


2 thoughts on “Update: Crisis on Two Earths

  1. kukheart

    i got it on itunes for $10, i think it’s worth it, i hope they make another JLA or Flash movie again soon

  2. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

    I think Flash had some great lines and moves that made him stand out a bit as well. However I do agree with keeping it in DCAU continuity. Just make it like a lost JL or JLU episode, which it essentially is anyway, and market it as such. There are so many die hard JL/JLU fans, even more than when the series was actually on the air(myself included). The toy line as far as I can tell is still going strong (although I do find their distribution and availability to be a bit uneven), and Timmverse fans have been clamoring for Bruce Timm to bring back JL or JLU with a animated movie since the series ended in 2006. It would have been perfect.

    Still the animation was slick. I really dug the slightly updated and more detailed versions of the characters. Really made them pop a bit more than the JLU animation ever did.

    I was thinking about reviewing this a while ago, but I never got to it after I watched the film. I think I was just crazy busy. In any case I really enjoyed it.
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