The Fearsome Powers of the Shade!

Read on for the original explanation of the Shade’s powers of darkness:

Yes, you read that correctly. The Shade created darkness using a giant air purifier.


And how did the Flash solve the problem?

You guessed it. By putting more dust into the air!

Now, to give them credit, they got one thing right: dust does reflect light. (The sky is blue because of light scattering, but it’s scattering by air molecules, not dust.) But we don’t need dust in the air to see. Even in 1942, before moon landings, spacewalks and cleanrooms, I find it bizarre that anyone could come up with the idea that no dust = darkness, or (even stranger) that more dust = more light!


4 thoughts on “The Fearsome Powers of the Shade!

  1. Ben Hall

    But…But mom I read an article about dust enabling people to see and that’s why I don’t want to dust the house. Bwaa-ha-ha. Someone had to see this joke coming.


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