Flash vs…the Threat! (Updated)

What Were They Thinking?! is doing a series of posts this week on the weirdness that is All-Flash Quarterly #2 (1941).

  1. All Flash Quarterly #2 is Special
  2. All-Flash Quarterly, Part II: THE BLOOD RED RAY!
  3. All-Flash #2 Part 3
  4. All Flash #2 Part 4. Almost Done. Really.
  5. All Flash Comics #2 ends with…ew

It’s notable as the first Flash story to be longer than the standard Golden Age length of 13 pages. Throughout its run, Flash Comics featured several 13-page stories starring various characters, and All-Flash featured typically four, then later three stories per issue of that length — but they were all Flash. Occasionally, All-Flash would feature two 26-page stories…or, as in this case, one really long one, broken up into standard-length chapters.

The full story is available in The Golden Age Flash Archives Vol.2.


One thought on “Flash vs…the Threat! (Updated)

  1. Tom Brevoort

    I could be wrong, but I believe that ALL-FLASH #2 was the first book-length story ever done in comics–so it’s noteworthy for that reason, if no other.

    Tom B


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