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While catching up at the SpeedsterSite forums, I found a thread announcing the first episode of the SpeedsterShow Podcast. It actually launched a week ago, but I missed it because I haven’t been keeping up with forums much lately.

Listen to Kuhan, West, Prime, and Ben as they discuss the highs, but mostly lows, of Flash Rebirth and Blackest Night: Flash and how they feel about the future of the Flash ongoing! Also, old news…

In addition to the podcast website, it’s also on iTunes.

Now I know what the soundtrack for my commute is going to be for the next day or two.


3 thoughts on “SpeedsterShow Podcast

  1. Chris F

    I’m sorry to say, I couldn’t make it past the first fifteen minutes of the podcast. I tried. Perhaps I can give it another try in a few months.

    The problems: lack of clear thoughts in discussions, mixed-up idioms, not very informative, personalities seem to be ill-informed, and the maturity level was a little lacking.

    I hope it gets better. Truly I do.

  2. Owen

    Sorry to hear you didn’t like it too much, Chris but maybe you found lack of clear thoughts in discussion because you only sat through the first fifteen minutes? I don’t really think the serious discussion really kicked off until a bit later into the podcast.

  3. Fastest

    Way to sell me by claiming to talk about the “mostly lows.”

    Listen to a couple of guys bash away at my favorite thing in the world?

    Sign me up…I’ll be sure to listen all the time…

    I mean, where else on the internet can I go to find people voicing their displeasure about things that I find enjoyable?


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