Elementary Flash

Comics Alliance has posted a Periodic Table of Super-Powers, detailing not just powers but origins as well.

Click through to the original article, where they link to a full-sized table that you can actually read.

Let’s see if we can come up with the “chemical” formula for the Flashes:

Jay Garrick:
Speed, Intangibility, Time Travel; Scientist struck by Chemicals

Barry Allen:
Speed, Intangibility, Time Travel, Detective; Scientist struck by Chemicals

Wally West:

Speed, Intangibility (sometimes), Time Travel; Chemicals, former Sidekick, Legacy hero

Bart Allen:

Speed, Intangibility, Time Travel; Mutant (closest I could come up with to inherited powers), Time-lost, Legacy hero.

Arguably you could include H=healing (super-metabolism) & Is=invisibility (they can move too fast to be seen), or Sn=super-senses (seeing things more quickly, or moving so fast that radiation is red– or blue-shifted into the visible spectrum), etc.

Who wants to try the Rogues?


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